NCIS: LA Mondays – Finale Review

It’s season finale season. I can’t believe a whole season of tv is coming to an end already. Last night’s episode was so entertaining; you have Sam’s son, Aiden, caught in the middle of this thing between his dad and Tahir Khaled when his Academy was overtaken by Tahir and his band of terrorists, so you know that the pap bear in Sam is going to come out which means someone is getting his ass kicked for threatening his family. Plus there was so much fun bantering between Sam and Callan, and lots of bro love, Densi love, and nerd love.  No one I love died or seriously maimed and injured and then leaving it on a cliffhanger. So below are my thoughts on last night’s finale episode:

  • Damn papa bear Sam is going to kick some major butt in this episode!
  • Hetty: “Oh, I’m everywhere these days, Mr. Callen. You should know that by now.”
  • I love that the whole team is in to help keep Sam’s son safe; the job doesn’t matter, their safety doesn’t matter. Keeping their family, blood or not, safe is number one with them
  • bring in Michelle!! Can you imagine the butt kicking in this episode when both Michelle and Sam take down the terrorists for putting their son in the middle of all this?
  • Boo, no Michelle. But hopefully next season, she’s so much fun to watch and I love the dynamic between her and Sam
  • I love this woman, Lt. James, for protecting one of her students, at the expense of her own life
  •  Aiden is a smart kid, Sam obviously taught him well, leaving the window open in his room so his dad can get in and bring help
  • Sam: Aiden must have given [the phone] to [Porter]. Callen: Why would he do that? Sam: So she could go get help while he does something very brave and very stupid. Callen: Like father, like son.
  • Aiden: “My father doesn’t run.” – I love the Hanna’s
  • Arugh the team is splitting up, there’s about 20 minutes left and I’m all kinds of anxious right now that something bad is going to happen. But I love that Kensi switches gear with Porter and gets herself captured
  • [sounds of grunting in the background from Sam and Tahir fighting] Hetty: What’s that I hear?” Granger: “I think that’s personal.”
  • I love that Sam had every intention of killing Tahir, but with a shake of Aiden’s head from his son, Sam lets him live and allows the authorities to take Tahir into custody instead
  • Sam: “Thanks for helping me.” Callen: “I wanted it to be fair.”
  • Sam: “Sarcasm. You know, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit according to -” Aiden: “Oscar Wilde.” Sam: “That’s right.” Callen: “I don’t think Oscar Wilde would have saved your life.”



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