NCIS and AoS Tuesdays

ncis-bannerI think there are two episodes of NCIS left, including this one and you know that it’s going to be pretty good season finale considering that Tony DiNozzo is leaving in just two episodes. No idea if there are spoilers out there, but I have been avoiding all my usual tv sources because I do not want to know at all.
So below are thoughts that I had while watching the second last episode of NCIS, with spoilers.

  • Ok, I love Gibbs just running into the restricted area of the hospital. His friend has been shot and has zero cares about your rules and protocols
  • Fornell’s daughter is just like her parents: “Tell this agent to let me in before I scratch his eyes out.” Actually more like her mom, I guess.
  • I love that as angry as Gibbs is at the person who shot Fornell, telling his team that they are going to kill the guy who shot him, he’s telling Fornell’s daughter the exact opposite, that hurting the person who shot her dad is not going to help him. Role model.
  • I love that Gibbs joined Abby’s prayer circle that consisted of a skeleton, Bert, and a few other things and only joined because Abby reminded him that it was for Fornell
  • OMGGGGGG ZIVA!!!!! Is she coming back???
  • Kort (re: DiNozzo): You going to call your attack dog off? Gibbs: No *smirks*
  • that little pedicure scene between Emily and Fornell was heartbreaking and beautiful. Fornell better pull through.
  • I think that Bishop is the only one who can get away with pushing Gibbs out of the way like that, and Gibbs probably forgave under the circumstances. Abby too, but Abby would never do that.
  • OMG that twist that it was Kort all along…Ziva’s place in flames. I thought that by the phoof that they did of Tony’s face just before commercial break, that Ziva was going to walk in. I guess not.

This was a pretty great episode, the little twists, the little bits of humour that they throw in. I’d be disappointed if in next week’s finale, they didn’t bring Ziva back and her and Tony don’t ride off into the sunset together. I mean, I wasn’t all “if they don’t end Tony’s story with and Ziva together I’m going to dieee!!!!” but now that they’ve brought in Ziva, even if it’s by name only, it’d be a little disappointing. We will see what happens next week.

aos faAlso the second last episode and I’m just excited to see how they’re going to link Captain America: Civil War to this. It should be an interesting episode, and spoilers ahead.

  • eee Steve Rogers <3, we did not have to wait for long for that to be mentioned.
  • I’m getting all teary eyed with Coulson fangirling over Cap and Peggy Carter <3. I’m also glad they touched upon Peggy’s death on AoS.
  • Coulson is #teamcap all the way ❤
  • Damn, SHIELD has the best secret lairs
  • May: “Time for your feeding”; Lincoln: “Your sense of humour needs work.”
  • Rodriguez: “You need a beer and some faith.” Mack: “You ever wonder if that’s the word we use to…to fool ourselves? To give us false hope.” Rodriguez: “That’s how evil wins. When good people begin to uh…doubt and run the other way instead of stand up and fight. You see it everywhere.”
  • Mack: “Evil preys on the weak because it fears the strong.”
  • Haha these “Watchdogs” are cowards, they kill innocent people and when some of them actually fight back, they cower. But I guess that’s they point that they’re making…
  • Brett Dalton’s acting is unbelievable. The small changes that he makes from SHIELD Ward to Hydra Ward to Hive Ward is just so incredible.
  • Talbot: “How are you so calm anyway?” Coulson: “I’m getting used to this sorta thing.”
  • OMGG…what have they created?? They are terrifying…and Hive is the only one who loves them…
  • Lincoln is an idiot. I want to slap him! How could he do this and hurt Mack when he’s already been hurt at the hands of Daisy??
  • I take it back. They are little smartypants. Plus May and Licoln plotting together is beautiful! Also Coulson distracting Talbot so May and Lincoln can carry out the plan ❤ Coulson runs a tight ship 🙂
  • Talbot: “Why do you think this Lash can defeat Hive?” Lincoln: “Every inhuman is here for a reason and serves a purpose. I belive Lash’s purpose is to kill Hive.”
  • Talbot finally asks what we were all thinking, who came up with all these names?
  • Fitz: “Lash wasn’t here to kill Hive.” Lincoln: “He was here to save Daisy.” Simmons: “That wasn’t Lash.” So much feels…Lash saves Daisy and loses his life in the process, Simmons being able to distinguish between Lash and Dr. Garner. I can’t even right now. Crying!!
  • NO!!!! If Mack dies, I will be so upset!!!! You’ve already taken away Bobbi and Hunter

I’ve read a few reviews from others who were not a fan of this week’s episode,  but I thought that it was a pretty great episode. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next week and to see what the relationships between Daisy and all the other characters will be like considering all the harm she put them through. Also not ready to see who dies…


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