Petit Vour – April 2016


This is the April Petit Vour box. If you are new to Petit Vour, they are a cruelty free and non-toxic monthly subscription box. There are usually four full sized or sample products in each box. So here are the items in April’s box:

capture_2016-05-04-23-19-06-1.png.pngSo it looks like both my April boxes had a sample of teeth whitening product in there. I have heard a lot of good things about ash as a teeth whitener, and while I am a little hesitant to use the Smart Ash by Bedrock & Bloom, I’m not as hesitant about the ash as I am about using the oil sample for the teeth pulling from the La Ritzy box!

capture_2016-05-04-23-22-34-1.png.png capture_2016-05-04-23-29-47-1.png.png

My favourite product in the box is this Studio 78 Paris’ We Move Around (a cream eyeshadow) in “A Paris“. I can’t usually wear cream eyeshadows because it tends to crease on me, even with an eye primer. But this one doesn’t and actually works. It glides on so velvety smooth and it is this gorgeous lavandery colour (even if you can’t tell from the picture – sorry, bad swatch). I wish it wasn’t so expensive, but otherwise, I love this so much!

capture_2016-05-04-23-17-03-1.png.pngMy next favourite item is this Coconut Illipe Hand and Nail Balm by Juara. I have been washing my hands an extra amount cause I caught my friend’s friend’s cold over the weekend and this has been so helpful in keeping my hands smooth and soft. Whether or not this will actually do anything for my nails or cuticles I cannot say right now.

capture_2016-05-04-23-20-31-1.png.pngThe final product in this box is Kumari Luxury’s River Bath and Body Oil. I haven’t used it in the bath yet, since I rarely do baths. But as a body oil, it’s been great. It smells really good and my skin is all soft from using it.




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