Supernatural Wednesday



We’re nearing the end of the season, Chuck is back and has now shown himself to the Winchester as God himself, a new prophet was revealed, crazy plan to rescue Cassifer accomplished; this episode was so great. A
The best part of it were all the god “stuff”; the jokes, the comments, and most all, the very different reactions from Dean and Sam. They did such an amazing job of touching on both sides of what I think we would all feel in the presence of God, or I would at least, both the awe and the anger.
So here are my thoughts on last night’s episode:

  • KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It’s 1 min in, and I am already in happy tears
  • “Holy crap,” is right, Dean. Did Chuck just make Kevin an angel??! About time!
  • Sam babbling in the presence of God. I love it.
  • Dean saying what we all feel…plagues and slaughters, and you were writing books, going to fan conventions, were you aware? People pray to you, they fight wars in your name and you did nothing.
  • Chuck: “I saw that I needed to step away and let my baby find it’s way.”
  • Chuck: “I know you had a difficult upbringing Dean, but don’t confuse me with your dad.” god can be so harsh.
  • Chuck: “I always had faith in you…even if you didn’t return the favour.”
  • “Thus spake the lord” hahahaha Chuck
  • Dean: “where’s Chuck?” Sam: “I don’t know. Sleeping in, I guess?” Dean: “Does God sleep?”
  • Sam to Dean: “You told God to cool it?” of course Dean would.
  • Sam: “It’s God, there’s so many things I want to ask him. Like, uh, the planets, why are they round? Or ears, I always thought they were strange.” Dean: “Ok, fanboy, calm down.” All the benign questions I would have too
  • Chuck wearing Dean’s robe.
  • Ha, God eating bacon is what interests? impresses? Dean
  • the writers must have so much fun coming up with the names for the  incoming calls. “scribe calling”
  • Donatello: “Call me Donatello, I’m named after him.” Dean: “The mutant ninja turtle?” hahaha the look that Sam and Donatello gives him is priceless.
  • Dean’s faces are too much for me
  • Donatello: “It’s like asking me to believe in Santa Claus.” Dean: “…” Sam: “Dean, not now.”
  • God is watching curling, eating Chinese take out noodles, and commenting on the amount of porn on Dean’s laptop. Priceless.
  • Dean to Chuck: “Dial back the god stuff.”
  • Donatello calling Chuck ‘your celestial magnificence’ hahaha
  • Metatron: “It’s not an autobiography, it’s a suicide note.”
  • Chuck to Dean: “If my plan doesn’t work than humans will have to step up. You, Sam, others that are the chosen will have to find a way. It’s why I saved you years ago. You’re the fireball between light and darkness.”
  • Donatello: “Wow, I so miss being an atheist.”
  • Dean is not going to be happy at all with the treatment of Baby, thunked right into the bunker (even if it was god “answering a prayer”)
  • Chuck flipping the switch “on” to fix Cassifer

Amazing episode, and I cannot wait for next week’s episode. Is Chuck seriously rallying all the angels and demons together to take on the Darkness? I just hope that if this is the finale, that they don’t let any more of my people die and they don’t leave it as a cliffhanger…I may be optimistic, considering what show this is, but I would like it to end on a happy ending this season!!


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