NCIS and AoS Finale Tuesdays

It’s the season finale for NCIS and AoS. You know that there are going to be lots of tears because Michael Weatherly saying good bye to everyone and Joss Whedon has been breaking my heart for years. All I can say is that it better not be Coulson.

Tearful spoilers ahead.

ncis-bannerSo. The season is ending with a sad goodbye. Michael Weatherly who has played Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo for 13 years since the very beginning is saying goodbye. Below are my thoughts on last night’s finale.

  • Ziva’s necklace ❤
  • everyone already knows that DiNozzo has to go to her; didn’t even need Gibbs to tell him, McGee’s already booked the plane. I am already teary eyed
  • DiNozzo Sr is going to be on it! Yay!
  • ohhh so is Troi! Normally I don’t pay attention to the names, but I’m waiting to see if Cote de Pablo’s name pop up on there. Or if they are planning on surprising us, maybe her name won’t be there.
  • Gibbs’s overly exaggerated whispering and motioning to Emily re: Dr. Confalone: “You can trust her, I do.”
  • omggggg Ziva is dead???????????? NO. That is not ok. NO!!!!
  • DiNozzo Sr: “You’re a rock, son.”
  • She can’t dieeee. There better be some twist. They are not allowed to bring her back by name only to kill her off. They can’t!!
  • Ducky: “Life rarely ends the way we imagined.”
  • Gibbs always with the tough love. Not letting DiNozzo work the case because he’s too close to it. And I still can’t believe that they did this. I am so upset.
  • McGee: “Fornell. For Ziva. We’ll get it done.”
  • Wait wtf???!!! A daughter? No.
  • Ducky: “First Ziva. And now a child.”
  • Ducky: “We cannot lose sight of Anthony and the enormity of what he is going through. Family first, Jethro.”
  • HAHAHA Dr. Confalone bringing out a feeling wheel on Gibbs, that’s good
  • I hate this story line, but I love this little girl. I can’t deal with this story line of Ziva being dead. After all this time and then the teasing only to kill her off? No. Not ok.
  • Ahhhh Palmer helping Tony with little Talia, feeding her, child-proofing his condo.
  • Fornell’s pedicure is so great
  • DiNozzo: “We had a connection and obviously a very fond farewell…I loved her, Tim.” please let Ziva be alive somehow
  • Tony passing on the star of David to their daughter. Crying.
  • Kort re: killing Ziva: “It was nothing personal, strictly business.” McGee: “It is personal. It’s Ziva.” DiNozzo: “She was my family.”
  • DiNozzo to Gibbs: “I’ve never been anybody’s everything before.”
  • One final Gibbs head slap
  • Abby: “I know how much Ziva really loved you and I need to know that you know that too.” DiNozzo: “I do. I think.” Abby: “Don’t think. Know. I know. She told me.”
  • Abby: “I’m really going to miss you Anothy DiNozzo.” DiNozzo: “Not as much as I’m going to miss you Abby Sciuto.” So much ugly crying.
  • DiNozzo: “Very Special Agent Timothy McGee” he’s passing on the very special to Mcgee. No more Mc-whatever jokes 😦

I did enjoy that Michael Weatherly posted these after the airing:

But I did not like this episode at all, despite all the tears. There were great moments between Gibbs and Fornell but I am still so upset that they would tease the whole Ziva thing only to kill her off and then replace it with a daughter. Honestly? No. Even if Cote de Pablo could not come back for the show, that’s fine, have Tony find a secret message or clue or something that she was still alive and reunite or something. The Tiva shipper in me is so mad that this is how they ended the story line for Tony and for Ziva.

aos faI’m already in tears because of NCIS and now there’s going to be two more hours of it on AoS. I’m secretly hoping that it’s going to be Lincoln, but only because I am so emotionally attached to everyone else (I’m sorry, Lincoln). So far, Mack has the cross. I’m assuming that this will get passed around throughout the two hours to cause as much anxiety with the fans as possible. So here are my thoughts on last night’s AoS finale:

  • May re: Ward “Every time I see his face I want to punch something.” hahaha May
  • Rodriguez: “You work and then you stare and then you work and stare some more.” Mack: “Hurtful.” I love these two so much.
  • Rodriguez: “This isn’t a lucky rabbit’s foot. It’s a symbol of faith. Who would return such a gift?” I love her more and more. I hope they keep her around
  • Radcliffe: “Ronald and …Ronald 2.”
  • Ohhhh SHIELD is a smartypants…I love that they brought out the memory thing on Hive!! I also love that we get a look back to when we thought Ward was a good guy
  • I love watching the May fight scenes
  • Did they just pull a yellow crayon on Mack and Daisy?? Not cool. But effective
  • Mack to Daisy re: Hive being the devil: “You know the other thing the devil is capable of? Filling a person with so much doubt and so many dark thoughts that it consumes them. But it’s up to that individual to make a choice either let the darkness fester and grow or let the light inside shine through and vanquish the darkness”
  • No no no no….May and Fitz and Daisy are all up there and Fitz has the necklace right now…
  • Radcliffe to the others: “It not a hunch. It’s science. [quietly to self]: It’s a science hunch.”
  • That was pretty cool with the invisible gun…before the invisible made itself known, I have to say I was so confused at how Fitz suddenly had super powers :/ I don’t know why it still surprises me when SHIELD has fun cool gadgets
  • HAHAHAHAHAHA “Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi.” I ❤ Coulson so much
  • Daisy: “he’s paying for my mistake.” Coulson:”No, he’s paying for all our mistakes.”

This episode was so amazing. There were so many twists and anxiety filled moments and mortal danger at each turn and who is going to be the fallen agent?? And you keep thinking it’ll be one person and then the necklace gets passed on like a game of hot potato. Clever writers.
At first I was not a fan of the whole ending sequence, it felt too much like Captain America: The First Avenger. But Daisy begging Coulson to bring Lincoln back, to find a way, any way was heart breaking. Plus the nice quiet moment between Hive and Lincoln as they knew what their destiny was going to be. I’m kind of sad that it was Lincoln, but I’m more glad it wasn’t one of the other guys. I’m also sad that this is the last we’ll see if Grant Ward, but they’ve dragged out his character long enough.
I’m excited to see what happens next in this story since Daisy seems to have gone to the dark side and Radcliffe has something in the works. And has Coulson been demoted from Director back to field agent??? WHAT?? And who is the new director? We will have to see next season.

Did anyone else watch either episodes? What did you guys think? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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