Used Books Haul

Well I made my resolution to not buy books this year, but as I was wandering around Yonge Street on my break, I found this little used book store.capture_2016-05-25-22-27-03-1.png.png I’ve been back to reading physical books lately, so finding The Book Thief was exciting since I have it in ebook format but not a book book, so I’m excited to get to this book next as I have been meaning to read this after I saw the movie.
And since I read This Much I Know is True by Wally Lamb a month or so ago, I’ve had his other works on my TBR list so I’m glad I found this. I was disappointed that they didn’t have more by Wally Lamb, but now that I know that this is here, I can always pop in quickly to see if they have anything new come in.
Also picked up The Illiad and The Bat just because The Illiad is a classic and I want to get to at least one classic this year and I keep seeing Jo Nesbo’s name everywhere so I thought I would give it a try.


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