La Ritzy – May 2016

This month’s La Ritzy box was just slightly disappointing to me and I’ll tell you why in just a second. If you’re new to La Ritzy, they are a cruelty free, vegan, non-toxic monthly subscription box. Here is what was in this month’s box:capture_2016-05-24-22-59-22-1.png.png

So the reason for the disappointment was because of the first item. The card said that the Manna Kadar item was going to be a bronzer/highlighter thing and instead I got the lip gloss. Don’t get me wrong, I love lip gloss, you can never go wrong with lip gloss. BUUUUUUT I had been really excited about a bronzer highlighter because mine was running out and I kept looking at the lip gloss confused if that was the bronzer highlighter. I still love this Lip Locked Stain in Lucky, it’s a beautiful and subtle colour. But I really wanted to try out the bronzer highlighter.

The next item in the box was the Diamond Top and Base Coat by Bellapierre. I now have a pretty good collection of top and base polishes, though you can never have too many, especially since I do my nails at least once a week! capture_2016-05-24-22-48-08-1.png.png

Next up is a Large Powder Brush by Glam her Booth. It’s been great, I use it to put on my matte finishing powder after foundation and everything goes on smoothly and evenly.capture_2016-05-24-22-48-44-1-1.png.png

The final product is Jacq’s Organic Carrot Seed Face Toner. I love this item, it made my skin feel so clean after washing my face. BUT…I hate the smell of it. The card said it would be Sweet Orange and then it ended up being carrot, which is fine. However, there is a really strong licorice scent and I hate the smell of it. No idea what is causing the licorice scent but minus the smell, I really like this item and generally, I really like Jacq’s Organics. Considering buying the Sweet Orange one when I’m done with this.capture_2016-05-24-22-47-11-1.png.png


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