La Ritzy – June 2016

June’s La Ritzy showed up in a black and white box (it’s usually pink and white) I almost panicked that they sent me the wrong order. But opening it up, I realized I panicked for no reason and happily dove in to see what surprises were in store for me!

The first item is Manna Kadar‘s  Bronzer and Highlighter Split Pan, and after last month’s disappointment over the mix up, I was super glad to see this in the box. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m excited to test it out soon!capture_2016-06-23-22-54-49-1.png.png

Next up is Josie & Hue’s The White, a nourishing and firming clay mask. It comes in powdered form and you mix it with water to create a paste. I have to admit that the powdered masks are not my favourite; I am way too lazy to have to pour out an amount of powder without getting it everywhere and creating a poof of powder and then gently mixing it with water, trying not to get that everywhere. I want to just scoop my fingers into a jar and slop it on my face. But I have to say that I really like this mask. I don’t know if my face is benefiting from its use, but it does feel really nice after I’ve washed the mask off. capture_2016-06-23-22-50-35-1.png.png

Then there is Concrete Mineral’s Bandit. It’s a Pro Matte Eyeshadow and is a dusty rose, which you can’t really tell by my (crappy) pictures (sorry!). I was worried that it wouldn’t look right on my skin colour based on my little swatch, but when I blended it into my other eye colours, it looked absolutely gorgeous! There are several more colours from Concrete Mineral, and I kind of want them all, especially the plain mineral ones…!!

The final product is an eyeliner pencil by Ofra. I was super excited about this because it said it was a water resistant liner and suitable for sensitive eyes. This may be water resistant (I didn’t test that out yet) but it smudged on my almost as soon as I put it on. I had primer as a base and was using a cream based eye shadow. It smudged and smeared almost as soon as I was done. So that was disappointing. I will have to try it out with a mineral/powder based shadow next time.capture_2016-06-23-22-55-25-1.png.png

This month’s box also had a bonus item, Bedroom and Bloom’s Smart Ash which was also in Petit Vour’s April box. I still have not tried it out yet since I’m still creeped out by it. Though I do have a wedding to go to in a few month’s time, so now might be the time to try it out!capture_2016-06-23-22-56-22-1.png.png

That was it for this month’s box. I was really happy with all the items and cannot wait (as usual) for next month’s box!


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