Petit Vour – June 2016

This month’s Petit Vour box showed up early (but my laziness means that I’m only getting to sharing this now!)! It’s been awhile since my PV box showed up before the end of the month! Totally excited for this month’s box, so let’s have a look shall we?

The first item is the Green Apple Brightening SPF 15 Moisturizer by Juice Beauty. I really like Juice Beauty’s products, of the ones that I have tried, I haven’t had one that I didn’t like so I was really excited to see this in my box. Unfortunately, this felt really heavy on my skin (I am super oily) so that kind of sucked. This might be better for me to use during winter when my skin goes super dry.  But I love that fact that this evens out the skin tone and texture. Will keep using it, though maybe not right now…
Update: I tried the lotion on its own and then used my foundation on top of that after and it seemed to not feel super heavy and oily, so I have started to use them separately. I was hoping if I could mix my products together, I could save a few minutes on my daily routine! capture_2016-06-27-23-09-50-1.png.png

Up next is EvolveH’s Smart Volume Leave-in Conditioner. I was excited to see this since my hair is naturally lame. It doesn’t matter what I do, I cannot get any volume in my hair so anything that says it’ll give me volume I want to try it. I spritzed it on right after my shower and I don’t know if my hair is just so flat that I can’t tell if there is any volume in there. It seemed to sit less lamely on my head though. I will have to see if using this product over a period of time will improve the dullness of my hair!capture_2016-06-27-23-08-08-1.png.png

Next is Suntegrity’s Lip CPR – the first SPF 30 mineral sunscreen lipstick. I got the Plum Eclipse and Sunset Coral in my sample. Both colours look so pretty and it’s supposed to help visibly reduce the look of lines while protecting you from the sun. I have so far only tried the Plum Eclipse and it seems a little dark and I didn’t really notice it reducing the fine lines, but I wasn’t really looking. But otherwise, I like!

The final product is Precious Skin Elixirs’ Sea Pearl Exfoliating Clay. The website says that “Sea Pearl reveals incredibly soft, radiant skin with detoxifying clays and herbs that buff away impurities and stimulate circulation for a clearer, more refined complexion. This refreshing cleanser is activated with water, transforming into a rich mousse that relieves congestion and excess oil while replenishing skin with vital minerals and healing botanicals.” The powder to mousse sounds cool. I tried this out over the Canada Day long weekend and I really liked it. It didn’t turn to mouse the way I expected it to. But it did leave my face feeling all nice and clean!capture_2016-06-27-23-08-31-1.png.png


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