Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick

The BFF was the one who introduced me to this brand. It’s a vegan and cruelty free product by Jeffree Star. The only problem is that these lipsticks sell out super fast! And this is with a 2 per customer limit.
I started with Masochist. This is really bright on me, brighter than I could ever justify wearing this to my fairly conservative work place which sucked for me because I really loved the colour from the pictures I saw online and they did not look as bright as when I am wearing it.  Even in my picture, it doesn’t look that bright, but it is a super in your face bright red. Also it kept smearing, but otherwise, I loved it and it really was long lasting.
I tried to wear it with a liner, but that day I was also eating something that was really messy and it still smeared and bled outside of my lip line. I may have to try it again when I’m not planning on eating??…
Anyway, soon after, Doll Parts and Gemini became available, so I splurged on those too. They are so seriously pretty! I found that the pictures online of Doll Parts seem a lot brighter but when I wear it, it’s not as bright (yay!). I wear this colour often to work and have gotten so many compliments on it.
Gemini is also a fave to wear as it’s more in the neutral tones and goes with anything.

Gemini, Doll Parts, Masochist

It’s expensive, but it really is long lasting – I can put this on in the morning and not have to reapply again until mid-day, and a little bit of colour does the trick. Plus it’s completely cruelty free. It is totally worth the money!
I have a few more colours I would like to get eventually when they’re back in stock!


5 thoughts on “Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick

    1. I highly recommend them, they have very quickly become one of my beauty favourites!
      And that is a great idea! I’ll definitely have to try that out, thanks for the tip!! 🙂

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