La Ritzy – July 2016

capture_2016-07-15-16-46-58.png.pngSo unfortunately La Ritzy has decided that moving forward, they would be selling their own products. This is the last box of fun different products, which sucks because the point of me getting these boxes was to expose myself to new and different types of organic, natural, and cruelty free beauty stuff. But I am interested to see what type of products La Ritzy will be coming out with so I’ll probably keep my subscription a little longer!

This month’s box had a lot of fun goodies, so here’s a peek at the July box!

First up (and my favourite product in this box) is the Light Blue Ceramic nail polish from Pretty Woman NYC. I really loved this colour and although you can’t see it in the picture, it’s a beautiful matte colour. I used it on my mani last week and loved it. It took a few coats to make it solid but otherwise it was perfection!

The next product is Jersey Shore Spa’s Anti Aging Lip and Hand Polish. This smelled so DELICIOUS I almost wanted to eat it!! And it made my hands so super soft!! I don’t know why I have never used a hand scrub before -I couldn’t stop touching my hands after using this!! I haven’t tried using this on my lips though because I already have a lot of lip polishes…and also the temptation to eat it would be too strong :/capture_2016-07-15-16-52-36.png.png

Then there is the Menthe Pure Mineral Corrector by Orglamix. I really like that it smooths out my face and helps to reduce the redness. My face has decide to break out on me all of a sudden so this product arrived right on time!capture_2016-07-15-16-54-25.png.png

The final product is the Monoi Healing Oil Serum by Mahogany Naturals England. So this is supposed to help boost shine and reduce frizz and strengthen your hair. I don’t know if I just had a badly produced bottle because half the oil leaked out in transportation. I also found that the smell is a little overly strong for me and I immediately developed a headache after using it (I am very sensitive to smells) and I felt like it weighed down my hair and made it feel oily even though I only used a very small amount. This was not my most favourite product in the box and I’m probably going to give it away to one of my friends.capture_2016-07-15-16-49-45.png.png

So that’s it for this box and I can’t wait to see what the next box will bring me!


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