Zoo by James Patterson

capture_2016-08-14-20-56-17.png.pngRecently, I got obsessed with the show, Zoo (it’s on Netflix, if anyone is interested). Anytime anything I get interested in is based on a book, of course I have to read the book to see what the differences are and what similarities there were. I wasn’t prepared for how completely different things were and that made me a little disappointed because I love the show and all the characters on the show. But regardless, I was still enthralled with the book. It was a very easy and quick read, I couldn’t put it down! So below are my thoughts (spoilers ahead, sorry!):

  • It was so upsetting to find out Mitch is not an actual character in the book! I love him so much! I guess they took the more badass side of Jackson from the book and made him into Mitch and took the investigative side and made it into Jamie
  • Also upset that the close friendship between Jackson and Abe is only on the show and not in the book! And also Abe dies almost right away. One of the best parts of the show is the friendship between those two – except now there’s a twist about how Abe knew and why he befriended Jackson and I’m kind of freaking out
  • it’s really hard to read the book and not picture the tv counterparts
  • I did not know that female lions were the better hunters and is why they do the hunting. At least according to the book. I’ll actually have to look this up to see if it’s true, though I imagine that they wouldn’t make up a fact like that…
  • “her English had an elegant European lilt, what I thought was a French accent – vowels in the front of the mouth, consonants brushed with feathers” > I just really liked how this was worded.
  • the shared nightmare between Jackson and Chloe was interesting. It would have been really cool to see that…you know, if they hadn’t killed off Chole on the tv show!!
  • interesting that in the book, only some animals are affected, and not others. Plus the fact that they’re affected in different ways – example, in lions, only the males were affected vs. the show where all animals are infected
  • WTF book Jackson and Chole got married and had a son!!?? and we’re never going to get this on the show now
  • the tv issue to why animals are turning is because of something genetic vs. in the book, the issue is that human interference with cell phone radiation and petroleum production is affecting the way that animals are interpreting pheromones is interesting. I wonder why that issue was changed…though since the solution is to not use cell phones or drive, or fly around any more among other things, it would make the show fairly boring and constrict it too much.
  • “maybe human beings will start reacting to the pheromones now. Create human zombies to join the four-footed ones.” > all I can think is if this is in anyway plausible and if this is how the zombie apocalypse starts!
  • “The gun lies dark, cold, and heavy in [Chloe’s] hand. She hates to touch it. She knows all too well what [the soldier] meant about needing it. He meant thats he should use it on Eli and herself rather than be eaten alive.” > what a horrible choice to have to make…shoot your own son or let him be eaten alive by the affected animals. I can’t even begin to imagine.
  • capture_2016-08-14-21-34-31-1.png.png
    reading with Kensi on my lap

    I really enjoyed and was saddened by Attila’s story. About how he was saved by Jackson from animal testing out of compassion and how Jackson took care of him from a young age and that bond that they have. It made me so sad with how he was changing into this blood lust creature who couldn’t recognize himself anymore and made him hurt Jackson and Chloe. Later on, it was Jackson’s kindness that got to him in his haze and is what ultimately saved Chloe and her son from a brutal death. I hope that Jackson got told this at some point later. It breaks my heart to think that Jackson’s last memory of Attila was that he attacked them and destroyed his apartment just as all of this was starting.

  • I wished there was a “proper” ending instead of leaving it the way that it ended. I wanted to know what happened, if the problem ever got fixed. I like having definite endings as opposed to the anything could have happened.

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