Let the TV Season Begin…

It’s the start of the new tv season, and of course the week it starts, I’m working night shifts so that I am missing out. But thankfully for DVR, I am not totally missing out. Tuesday night is a busy night for tv this season. I have at least eight shows going on on Tuesday nights. So let’s start of with NCIS. Below are my thoughts on last night’s season premiere and I hope you enjoy. Spoilers ahead!


  • First look at Valderrama, excited to see how his story turns out
  • Starting the season off with a bang
  • Nooooo!! They finally took off my fave McGee moment in the opening 😦 the part where he’s pretending he’s using the rocket pack in the elevator. Boo
  • Fornell wearing Gibbs’ robe! I love these two together, like grumpy old men.
  • Fornell reading Cosmo heehee
  • Mcgee: “You fell asleep at work. Twice.” Why gibbs fired the new probie who lasted four days, this one
  • I already miss DiNozzo and his quips, we’re only five minutes in
  • I still miss Espisoto in Blue Bloods, even though I love Diaz and Danny, she’s not Jackie. So I’m really glad she’s back now on NCIS
  • Quinn to Gibbs: “You never make things easy do you?”
  • I love Quinn already, messing with Bishop because she thinks that Bishop needs to chill out a little, taking over for McGee when he wouldn’t just get on with it, betting on if Torres was gonna get slugged by Elena
  • I’m so glad Vance is in the premiere, hopefully we’ll get to see a lot of him this season
  • Quinn to Bishop: “Every action we take has consequence.”
  • Fornell’s surprise that Gibbs has a doorbell – and one that works
  • Gibbs enjoying himself with Torres and the fact that there is a bomb under his seat. I enjoy that Gibbs already seem like he’s a lighter, happier person. I hope they continue on with this throughout the season
  • So dramatic Torres – handing in his badge because Vance said no to you.
  • Gibbs to Torres: “You want the last two years to mean something? Then you see this through. The right way.”
  • So we started with a bang and ended with a bang. I like it when there are big car explosions. Those are always fun!
  • Bishop to McGee, who is still uncomfortable with taking Tony’s old desk: “If anyone is going to sit there, Tony would want it to be you.”
  • Quinn to Gibbs, understanding what type of agent he was looking for: “It was about finding an agent that needed your team.”

I really enjoyed this first episode. It seemed like Gibbs was a lot lighter in this season, or this episode anyway. I also liked that this was a good way of introducing the new Agents on Gibbs’ new team. I also liked that they were easing the fans of the show, and of DiNozzo in general, into a new season without him anymore by having McGee be reluctant to take DiNozzo’s old desk. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this season 🙂



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