Petit Vour – September 2016

capture_2016-10-03-10-23-03.png.pngOver the weekend, I got my September Petit Vour box shipped to me. I am super excited about this box, lots of useful little products in this one! So here a peek into what’s in this month’s Petit Vour box:

capture_2016-10-03-10-26-42.png.pngFirst item: Meow Meow Tweet’s Baking Soda Free Deodorant Cream in Grapefruit. I’m actually already using this now and aside from the fact that it does nothing for wetness, it does work well on smell. I’m almost out of my current jar so I am stoked to have a second jar on hand. The card said that this was a new formula to combat smell and wetness, so here’s hoping!!
On a side note, does anyone know if there is a cruelty-free, non-toxic deodorant that does actually stop wetness? Because I feel like I have tried almost every brand out there and none of them actually does anything for wetness. I’ve heard that you can’t combat this issue because it’s not an antiperspirant, but I still keep hoping and looking.

capture_2016-10-03-10-27-12.png.pngThe next item is Osea’s Ocean Cleanser  I haven’t had a chance to check this one out yet, but their site says: “this multi-tasking hydrating formula effectively removes dirt and impurities, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and energized.” I have a lot of cleansers to try out, so I will get to this eventually! But I have heard great things about this company, so I may break into this one early 🙂

capture_2016-10-03-10-28-04.png.pngAnother item I loved from this box is Odacite’s Black Cumin + Cajeput Serum Concentrate. This thing works and I am already planning on getting the full sized thing. I’ve been having weird breakouts lately and this reduced the size in my pimples in just one use. I am so impressed with this product! I want to try out the other oils they have too.

capture_2016-10-03-10-37-48.png.pngThe final product is Adorn’s Mineral and Organic Hydrating Cream Foundation. This colour matches perfectly to my skin (you can barely see the difference in the swatch picture) and it feels like velvet on my skin and doesn’t leave my skin oily or sticky feeling. It is honestly one of the best foundations I have ever used! I wish that there was an spf added to it cause I like my all-in-ones for laziness. For this though, I may consider getting a full bottle when I’m done my current bb cream.
They do have an spf one in loose powder, but I hate loose powder – I always feel like I get it all over the place. I think I will try the sample one to see if I like it enough.

So that’s it for this month’s box. Like I said before, I am so excited about this box and it’s probably one of my fave boxes to date.  If you guys have tried any of these, let me know in the comments how you like them!


4 thoughts on “Petit Vour – September 2016

  1. I loved Septembers box! I framed the product card because I loved the crystals so much. I like the tiny serum, it really did clear up problem zits, but I am not sure if I want to pay for it full sized. I like the deodorant, but it didn’t keep me feeling fresh all day. I love the Osea cleanser! Will for sure purchase it! I haven’t tried the foundation sample, hoping it is nice.

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    1. I loved this month’s card too! I keep them all in my journals 🙂
      The oils are super expensive, I would want to know how long the oils would last me for to see if it was worth it. Sometimes I do buy more expensive products if they work and I like it and it will last long enough!
      I hope you like the foundation sample! I love it so much, I just wish the sample size was bigger!


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