Supernatural Season 12 Premiere


You know, years ago, when my shows were my entire life, I would schedule my work and social schedule around my tv schedule. Now it’s not really something I can do and two (very long) days later I’m finally getting to catch up with the premiere of Supernatural.

The major story line this season is that Mary Winchester is back and there have been a lot of spoilers and little facts online and I have done everything to not let myself get spoiled. I get really weird about trailers and spoilers for tv shows or movies I get really excited about. Like I do not want to see any trailers, I don’t want to know anything about it to spoil any part of that first reaction, first experience. So I have been super excited to see what having Dean and Sam’s mom back is going to work into this season. I really hope that Mary stays longer than just the one season.

So here are my thoughts about this week’s season premiere (spoilers ahead!):

  • Mary is already kicking ass and we’re not even a minute in. This makes me happy because one of my favourite things that Supernatural did was introducing the fact that Mary was a hunter. We’ve ever only seen young Mary as a hunter, so I am so excited to see mom Mary kicking some ass.
  • Mary to Dean: “My Dean is four years old” Dean: “I was…when you died.” I can’t even imagine what must have been going through her head.
  • Dean’s face while being hugged by his mom after 33 years, is so freaking sad and also beautiful. There aren’t many times when I’m watching my favourite shows that I think about the fact that these are actors playing their characters because they’re just some damn good. But that look on Dean’s face and knowing that it’s Jensen Ackles acting, made everything so much more amazing
  • that little quiet moment between Mary and Dean, knowing 11 years of how much Dean loves his mom, is so beautiful.
  • I guess if you saw a giant ball of fire crash land in front of you and it turned out to be a human being, and then when they ask you “where am I?”, I think most of us would have answered “earth” too.
  • Pretty rude of Cas to knock the guy out in the middle of no where and steal his car.
  • Dean and Mary discussing everything that has happened – John being a hunter, raising Sam and Dean to be hunters, sacrifcing himself for Dean. It is so heartbreaking.
  • I love this relationship between Dean and Mary, but I am really excited about seeing what the relationship between Mary and Sam is going to be like.
  • Poor Sammy, shot and bound and stuck in the back of a trunk – they better resolve this soon, because I am rooting for Sam to break free and kicking some ass
  • Sam: “I’ve been tortured by the devil himself. So you, you’re just an accent in a pantsuit.” Sassy Sam. I love it.
  • I was totally waiting for acid or something to start burning Sam, and I guess it’s laughable that the worst torture they have for Sam is cold water. Though I would have broken in a second.
  • So many things about this scene: 1. Mary and technology and her seeing a laptop for the first time and being all “Is that a computer?!”. 2. that we get to learn that Cas doesn’t trust computers. 3. when did Dean learn to use a computer??
  • Mary’s relationship with baby
  • Oh and Dean realizing what that relationship was. Awkward….
  • Ok, I hope that it’s Mary that kills this girl for taking a torch to her boy. I want to see the mama bear in Mary Winchester come out
  • Cas is the hot head, Dean is the one having to pull him back.
  • Mary to Cas: “Hurt him.” Getting to see a little of that mama bear ❤
  • Poor Sammy, he’s already had Lucifer screwing with his mind and now the Britain Men of Letters are doing it to him. Though I bet with everything that Sam has been through, this like everything else will be nothing to him
  • The fact that they know that Dean being alive is a problem and that they are in shiiiiiiit.
  • I love angry Dean when someone is hurting his little brother. That he broke the phone in two from that anger, you know it is going to be good when Dean runs in to save Sammy
  • Mary saving Dean is possibly my most favourite thing in the world.
  • Sam playing that woman even when they have incapacitated him, that is my Sammy ❤
  • Dean telling his mom that he believes that what him and Sammy do is helping the world, making it a better place is one of my favourite things
  • that ending with Crowley trying to solve this whole Lucifer/dead people trail thing, Dean not knowing how to comfort his mom, Sam still stuck in the room…I’m cannot wait to see what happens next season

If you couldn’t tell, I loved this episode. Except for Sam being tortured, I don’t think there is anything about this episode that I didn’t love. I enjoyed so much watching the relationships between Mary and Dean and Mary and Baby (!!) and seeing Mary navigate this world. I am really excited to see how this season plays out with having Mary back and the relationships that will be formed between her and her sons and what she is going to think about the choices that they will make or have made – like what is she going to think about that fact that they have on several occasions worked along side the King of Hell. I’m also excited to see what happens with the Lucifer vs Crowley showdown and how the British Men of Letters will figure into the story line and if they’re going to be part of the good guys or if they’re going to be the bad guys.
I think this was such a great first episode and I cannot wait to see what happens next in the Supernatural story.


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