Farmer’s Market

Over the weekend, I went to my first farmer’s market with the bff. I’ve never had the opportunity to go before now since I didn’t live anywhere near places that did them. Now that the season is almost over, the bff has discovered a few that are within 10 minutes from us.

capture_2016-10-08-13-06-23.png.pngI didn’t go totally nuts – I ended up with a basket of strawberries, some mixed tomato grapes, honey crisp apples, carrots, red shepherd peppers, some plums, and my favourite finds: the mushrooms. I picked up some shiitake mushrooms and trying out a new type of mushroom, the lion’s mane.  I loved all the beautiful and vibrant colours of the fruits and the vegetables on display and all the vendors we visited were so friendly. Plus, there were so many different varieties that I have never heard of – like the lion’s mane mushroom. I’ve done some research on them and they are supposed to be really good for you in terms of helping with memory and pushing back dementia.

I can’t wait for the next season now that I know I have access to so much organic and fresh fruits and veggies!


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