QOTD – 10.27.16



I’m leaving you with two quotes today. I’ve been getting back into art with a vengeance lately. I just miss being creative and doing art stuff and I know I don’t do enough of it. I’ve really enjoyed going back and experimenting and being inspired by other people who are much much better than me. I feel like I’m trying to rush into all these different mediums like watercolours, and Tombows, and gaouche, and so on and so forth cause I see all these examples and inspiration and then I don’t like it cause I think I’m doing everything wrong and it doesn’t look as pretty as it did in my head or as pretty as what other people are doing and then I get discouraged and forgetting that I need to take the time to experiment and let my creative take time to explore.

So I guess if you’re going what I’m going through, this is a reminder for you too to not be discouraged, to not be afraid that you’re wrong, and to remember why you’re doing art in teh first place – which is to have fun and to create!


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