Supernatural Thursdays


Since the new season of Supernatural has started, i have been unable to watch it live because of work and other obligations. I finally got to watch it live and it was so exciting! I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of this Lucifer story, I don’t know if it’s because it’s not Mark Pellegrino and though watching Rowena being all badass and Cas and Crowley teaming up is fun to watch. The story line I’m most excited about is in Mary, Dean, and Sam anyway. Here are my thoughts and sorry, there are spoilers:

  • First scene and we’re introduced to super creepo baby and I am not ok with that! Damn you supernatural – but I loved that this is like season 1 where they were fighting off things from folklore and urban legends.
  • Mary reading John’s journal makes me sad
  • Cas: “Mary…you DO belong here” I love his sincerity with her
  • I love the little Dean moments with his mom, his awe with her that she loves bacon, even if it’s cold bacon, “Wow, we are so related!” and about Mary cutting her hair so that the bad guys can’t pull her hair during a hunt. “Wow, been trying to tell Sam that for years.”
  • Sam reduced to the back seat
  • Agent Beyonce, that was possibly one of the greatest Cas moments
  • you knew Rowena was up to trickery, and I love that she is so not helpless, sending Lucifer to the bottom of the ocean!!
  • add this to just another time that their love for Dean prevailed through the evil thing possessing them and saved Dean from a horrible death.
  • Dean backing away from Mary was heartbreaking, then his face as he hears her leaving. Plus the look on Mary’s face as she talks about the loss of her husband and her baby and little boy. Just shatter my heart into a million pieces why don’t you, Supernatural. They did such a good job of setting that up in the first few episodes, like yay, my mommy’s back only to take her away. I can’t wait to see Mary again and see where this goes.



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