Petit Vour – October 2016

My October box is here and I am pretty excited about this box, partly because it got here before the end of the month, which often happens since I’m from Canada!! But also because there are so many fun goodies in this month’s box, which seems to focus a lot around rejuvenation. So let’s take a peek inside!

First up, we have The Red Apple Lipstick in Rebel!. This is a brilliant red shade and I normally do not wear red this bright. But this colour is just so gorgeous and moisturizing, I just need an occasion to wear it!

capture_2016-10-27-17-22-02.png.pngNext item is the Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil by Pai. According to the website, it’s supposed to help restore the balance and confidence to unpredictable skin and the omegas in the product helps to regenerate skin without irritating it. I already love this product and I haven’t even tried it out yet. Is that even possible?

capture_2016-10-27-17-30-30.png.pngAnother rejuvenating oil, this Tulsi Rejuvenating Oil with Lavender and Evening Primrose is by Apoterra Skincare. This essentially helps to replenish and rejuvenate your skin. I tried this out after my shower last night and I don’t know how well it’s working, but it sure smells good. If this works, then this product is perfect for winter time since my arms and legs always end up getting very dry and my skin cracking on me. Though I’m sure that the fact that I always forget to lotion is a contributing factor :/

capture_2016-10-27-17-32-25.png.pngThe final product in the box is the Moroccan Beldi Soap by Kahina Giving Beauty. This is the one that I am most excited to try out, but my weekend is going to be hectic and crazy so it may have to wait until next week when I have time to linger in the shower! I just don’t really understand how such a small pouch is supposed to be enough for use on your entire body should you choose to use it as a cleanser and softening product vs as just a soap. But I guess I will discover that when I try it!


4 thoughts on “Petit Vour – October 2016

  1. What is the scent like of the Apoterra oil? I have their balancing serum and love it! ‘Rebel!’ looks gorgeous!! I don’t normally wear bright reds either, but it looks like a great night-out color 😉


  2. I love Petit Vour and love seeing what other people got in their boxes! I heard that the Moroccan Beldi Soap makes a great shaving cream type product, so that is another way to use the little sachet of it! I think that is what I am going to do.

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    1. That is good to know, I’ll have to try that out! Thanks for the tip! I haven’t had a lot of time to do any research into what it is beyond what’s on the packaging.


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