#AllAmerican Tour – 11.09.16

Nick Carter played at The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto last night as part of his third leg of the tour. I saw him only a few months ago during his first run in North America and even did the whole VIP thing. Every once in a while, I just need to go back and get myself a Nick Carter hug because that man gives the best and warmest hugs. However, since I’ve already done one VIP this year, I thought that I would skip it for this tour. Obviously I still had to go to the concert which my coworkers think it’s hilarious, I don’t know why.
The great thing about Nick’s concerts is that you can probably go a million times and you will always be entertained because he is SUCH an incredible performer. Which helps because if I have to be honest, this has not been my most favourite album. But watching him on stage, he has such an energy to him and it is infectious.

Last night was no different. For a few hours, I got to forget about the troubles of the world and my own troubles. I was in another world with him. He started this concert off (thankfully) in those glasses and the leather jacket. It is without a doubt my favourite Nick Carter look of all time. He did a lot of old bsb music, and a lot off of his stuff form his three solo albums. My very favourite moment from this concert was when he did a quick a cappella version of I Need You Tonight of off the Millennium album. I actually preferred I See Heaven In Your Eyes and was pretty upset when they changed the song to I Need You Tonight on the album. I was even more upset when Andrew Fromm was asked why they changed I See Heaven in Your Eyes to I Need You Tonight and he said something about how the song worked better and what would you rather have Nick Carter say to you? I see heaven in your eyes or I need you tonight? My 15 year old self screamed at the computer screen: I SEE HEAVEN IN YOUR EYES!!! That is way more romantic than I need you tonight. Pshhhh. Anyways…

And I don’t know why, but I love his dancing, and not just because of the usual reasons. But there is something so precise about each step. There’s a certain flair, a certain energy about his dance moves that just captivates me.
It was another incredible evening with Nick Carter. I came out of the concert with a feeling of euphoria and a need to go back and listen to all the old school BSB songs again.


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