Petit Vour – November 2016

Hello! Today I have for you a little review of the November Petit Vour box. I get so excited to see what’s in each box and what new products I get to try out. So let’s take a peek inside! capture_2016-11-26-15-27-39.png.png

First item is this universal creme for cheeks and lips by Elate Cosmetics in Love. It is such a beautiful pink colour, but I prefer it as a blush as opposed to a lipstick. Something about the colouring didn’t look right on my lips. This product did glide on so smoothly though. I love it!!

Next is this Ellovi scrub in Blossom, it says you can use it as a bath soak or a scrub. It smells so freaking good and citrus-y and I absolutely adore all things citrus! Plus I love that the salt scrub is so gentle and leaves my hands so smooth. Especially now in winter season here and my hands are all rough and dry. I don’t really get how you would use this as a bath soak though. It seems like you would have to empty the entire jar into the bath to make it work for you? I tried to Google this but I think this is a new product and I don’t see any information on this!

The next item is this Tea Tree Eyelid and Eyelash Makeup Remover Oil by We Love Eyes. I haven’t used this yet since I normally just wash off everything in the shower, or I use the Makeup Eraser cloth. It just seems like a lot of work. I will get to it eventually I suppose. capture_2016-11-26-15-38-31.png.png

The final product is this Realist Invisible Setting Powder by W3ll People. So the product description says you can either use this to minimize pores and control shine or to set your foundation, which I love! I also enjoy that in the “tips” tab, it says you can also use it as an eyelid primer or to dab a small amount at the base of your lower lid lashes to prevent mascara from smudging. I just hate that it’s a loose powder and in such a tiny jar. I feel like the product is just going to end up everywhere. I am super shiny and have a powder that I love right now that helps to control shine. I’m just waiting on a day when I don’t have to go out to test this product to see if it actually works! capture_2016-11-26-15-36-21.png.png

I like this box, I’m excited to try the eyelid/eye lash oil to see if it will make taking off my waterproof mascara off more easily and I’m always excited about new mattifying products. So that’s it for this month. can’t wait for the December box 🙂


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