OwlCrate – January 2017

I am so excited about the OwlCrate boxes, I keep stalking people who have subscribed and so I finally signed up for my box. This is actually my third box, and I have to say it’s going pretty well. I was worried that maybe I wouldn’t like the books as much, or that the books would pile up. But so far I have been so immersed in the stories and could not put the books down. I haven’t started this book yet, February has been an oddly busy for me. But this book sounds really interesting and I can’t wait to sink into it! I won’t go through everything that was in the box because there’s kind of a lot of stuff, just some of my favourite things in this month’s box. But here is a full look into what the January box contained: capture_2017-01-30-23-46-25.png.png

The theme of this month’s box is Classic Remix and the book, based off of The Phantom of the Opera, is RoseBlood by A.G. Howard. I haven’t actually read Phantom of the Opera (it’s on my list…I have a bunch of classics on my list that I will get to eventually!) or seen it on Broadway (I will also get to that eventually!) though I have watched the movie adaptation (please don’t crucify me for that admission!!) but I am looking forward to checking this out.capture_2017-01-31-00-00-29.png.pngSo far my favourite thing about the book is that it’s printed in red ink!! I love this little detail so much! capture_2017-01-31-00-01-53.png.png

Some of my favourite things included in the box is this beautiful watercoloured bookmark. I love getting bookmarks because they always end up stuck in a book somewhere (or I lose them….) and then I always end up needing another bookmark. So this will definitely come in handy for me!

I really adore this book shaped soap by Tea Soap Books! It smells so good and cannot wait to use it. Although I’ll be really sad when it loses its book shape. I almost don’t want to use it for that reason :/

There was also this gorgeous calendar with a literary quote for each month.

And finally this yummy mint and rose herbal tea from First Edition Tea Co. I haven’t tried it yet, I’m looking forward to sipping on this while I read the book. But the blend looks so pretty with the specks of rose in it. Plus I love the in-your-face mint smell as soon as you open the bag. I recently got into mint tea, so I am very excited to try this tea blend!

Did anyone get the OwlCrate box? Let me know how you’re enjoying the book in the comments!