I found some Pacifica nail polish on sale at my local health store place the other day and the colours are so pretty and I couldn’t resist buying them and then using them for this week’s nails. The pictures don’t do the colour justice though. They look more “fall” pink in real life than the salmony pink you see in the picture.
I always enjoy a good glittery gradient sponging and this was a fun colour combo for me to play with!




It’s been a very long time since I last did a NOTW post. I have either been too lazy to do anything pretty or I didn’t like them enough to share them. These ones I really liked, so here they are.

I really enjoyed doing these ones, I usually hate doing polka dots. I mean, I love them, but I just never seem to be able to do them right – I always feel like I’ve placed the dots “wrong” and it looks over crowded or un-balanced. But I think these turned out really well 🙂


capture_2016-05-25-12-43-09-1.png.pngI love this green colour from Zoya so much so I ended up using it for my belated nails of the week this week (the holiday Monday is messing with me – I thought it was Tuesday all day and almost missed the season finale of Supernatural :/)! So the green for the base and the dots is Zoya’s Ireland. The other part is a shimmery black polish from e.l.f. I can’t see what the name of the colour is. The picture makes it look like it’s a dark green, but it’s actually more a gunmetal black colour.


capture_2016-05-09-08-07-51-1.png.pngIt’s been awhile since I’ve done a nail post; I’ve either been too lazy or I didn’t like my looks enough to share. This was just a simple look [and totally not perfect, messed up that ring finger :/], but I love how delicate and elegant it looks.
The base was done in this gorgeous shade of pink – May Flower by Drew Berrymore’s line, Flower. I coupled it with flowers from an unnamed stamping stencil in Konad white.


This past weekend, one of my friends hosted a nail wrap party with Jamberry nail wraps. It was so much fun and they were so easy to use. I think it took about 5 minutes for me to do my two accent nails. I would have done more, but they were only samples and not enough of the same pattern to do all my nails. That’s ok, because I wanted to try out this new nail polish sent in the latest LaRitzy box!

The base was Deco Miami’s Petite Palm, which I really wished they shipped to Canada! The polishes are adorable! The dots were done by mixing two drops of Soulstice’s Kauai and a drop of a england’s Briar Rose.
The wrap and the colour ended up going so well together. I am so happy with the results and now I want more Jamberry wraps! They’re good for when I have lazy days 🙂



Here are my new nails of the week! I wanted to do something that was Valentine’s-y but not really since the day has passed. So I thought I would do a little pink and red number 🙂

The base is with NCLA’s Totally Valley Girl. The stamping was done using an unnamed plate from the Wish app and I used Zoya’s Posh Matte Velvet since I had it out still from last week.



Today’s nails of the week is Chinese New Year themed!


The base coat is Zoya’s Posh Matte Velvet which makes me sad that it didn’t really show up in the pictures, but I love this colour! The Chinese Lanterns and charm was done using Maybelline’s Color Show in Bold Gold, using Bundle Monster holiday plate 15.

Now off to celebrate the new year and gotta call/text all my aunties and uncles now!