OwlCrate – January 2017

I am so excited about the OwlCrate boxes, I keep stalking people who have subscribed and so I finally signed up for my box. This is actually my third box, and I have to say it’s going pretty well. I was worried that maybe I wouldn’t like the books as much, or that the books would pile up. But so far I have been so immersed in the stories and could not put the books down. I haven’t started this book yet, February has been an oddly busy for me. But this book sounds really interesting and I can’t wait to sink into it! I won’t go through everything that was in the box because there’s kind of a lot of stuff, just some of my favourite things in this month’s box. But here is a full look into what the January box contained: capture_2017-01-30-23-46-25.png.png

The theme of this month’s box is Classic Remix and the book, based off of The Phantom of the Opera, is RoseBlood by A.G. Howard. I haven’t actually read Phantom of the Opera (it’s on my list…I have a bunch of classics on my list that I will get to eventually!) or seen it on Broadway (I will also get to that eventually!) though I have watched the movie adaptation (please don’t crucify me for that admission!!) but I am looking forward to checking this out.capture_2017-01-31-00-00-29.png.pngSo far my favourite thing about the book is that it’s printed in red ink!! I love this little detail so much! capture_2017-01-31-00-01-53.png.png

Some of my favourite things included in the box is this beautiful watercoloured bookmark. I love getting bookmarks because they always end up stuck in a book somewhere (or I lose them….) and then I always end up needing another bookmark. So this will definitely come in handy for me!

I really adore this book shaped soap by Tea Soap Books! It smells so good and cannot wait to use it. Although I’ll be really sad when it loses its book shape. I almost don’t want to use it for that reason :/

There was also this gorgeous calendar with a literary quote for each month.

And finally this yummy mint and rose herbal tea from First Edition Tea Co. I haven’t tried it yet, I’m looking forward to sipping on this while I read the book. But the blend looks so pretty with the specks of rose in it. Plus I love the in-your-face mint smell as soon as you open the bag. I recently got into mint tea, so I am very excited to try this tea blend!

Did anyone get the OwlCrate box? Let me know how you’re enjoying the book in the comments!

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box – January 2017

capture_2017-01-30-23-22-24.png.pngOut of curiosity, since La Ritzy changed up their subscription box, I thought that I would try out the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box since I have been eyeing them for a while. They looked like they were ordinary everyday things I would use and can re-purchase and not lose an arm and a leg over. I just got my first box at the end of January and I was so excited about everything I got. There’s only one thing I haven’t tried out yet. But so far I am really happy with the box and I am already anticipating the next one.  So here is what’s in the January box:

Stinkbug Naturals’ Tangerine Spice Deodorant Cream – this product smells sooo good! I love that it’s not overpowering but it also doesn’t not smell like anything.  I can’t say how well it protects you from wetness, but from stink, this totally works! I also really liked that it didn’t feel gritty when you applied the product.capture_2017-01-30-23-23-41.png.png

Jersy Shore’s Cosmetics’ Lip & Cheek Rouge in Baccara Rose – this colour is so pretty, though I don’t normally wear anything this dark. I probably won’t wear this often, but I definitely interested in some of their other colours available. I still have a hard time using a cream for a blush cause I feel like I always end up looking like a clown, even if I blend it really well with my Beauty Blender. So I haven’t tried to use this as a blush yet. I have a list of things I want to try out when I actually have a day to play around with all my makeup.

Briogeo Rosarco Milk Leave in Conditioning Spray  – I love hair conditioning sprays. This one I really love because it doesn’t have an overwhelming smell like a few other conditioners that I have gotten in the past. I need scent-free products since I work in health care and some scented products gives me really bad migraines so, this conditioner is amazing 🙂 plus it leaves my hair super soft, so doubly amazing!capture_2017-01-30-23-29-17.png.png

Goddess Garden’s Bright Eyes Firming Cream – I just discovered Goddess Garden over the summer when I was looking for a new sunscreen and the bff recommended this brand to me. So I was really excited to see this in my box plus the fact that it’s an eye firming cream, is always welcomed.

Enfusia – Muscle Bomb – I don’t do baths…so I am planning on giving this away to one of my coworkers. But when I opened it, it smelled all pepperminty and good, so it’s a bummer that I’m giving it away. I would like someone to do a shower bomb. I think Lush did something like that awhile ago, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere!

Clarisea – Activated Charcoal Exfoliating Mask – This I have yet to try, though it is my favourite product out of everything because I LOOOVE masks so much and seeing one in my box is always a happy dance thing. I can’t see how a mask can be bad though, I’ve never had a bad experience with masks so getting masks will always be a good thing to me!capture_2017-01-30-23-24-48.png.png

So that’s it for this box. If you’ve gotten the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, let me know how you’re liking the products in the comments!

Bullet Journal for 2017

I’m going to warn you right now that this is text and picture heavy…

A year ago I started bullet journaling and I really enjoyed it. I don’t think that I was more productive, but I definitely was more organized. I also loved the freedom to create in it and to use it as a diary. I have kept a diary since I was really little. I have books and books of unfinished diaries and basically anytime something disastrous happened in my life, from actual disasters like when my dad passed away from cancer or I got my heart broken to not actually disasters but it was to me like when Nick Carter got his first girlfriend (shut up, I was like 15 years and it was a big deal because he was the love of my life!!!) I would need to end it and then start a new diary. I’m pretty sure this was the only year that I finished it all the way through!

Anyway. In the year that I have been bullet journaling, I have changed a few things from my original setup. Including…capture_2017-01-12-21-31-31.png.png…my brand new Leuchtturm1917 lime green journal! I thought I would switch it up and try out the Leuchtturm1917 this year. I love this a lot because the pages came pre-numbered and index pages already set up and most of all I LOVE THE COLOUR!! Though in terms of paper, it’s not really that different from the Moleskin – there’s still some bleed through.


The first thing I did at the back of my journal was set up my monthly pages from January to July. Because I do shift work where every two weeks I work am shift and then the next two weeks I work pm shifts, I like to and need to know when I’m working so that I can make plans. This is one of my most useful things in my bujo. Last year I did a full year but I ran out of space and had to re-do the last half of my monthly pages. This year I did only half the month. I really liked the morning/afternoon/evening/tasks and goals columns, so that I’ve kept the exact same. I still needed to know what shift I’m working for the rest of the year and to be able to plan for the future, so I added two things: a quick calendar for August to September and also a Future Dates log.

The last month, I started doing a weekly 2 page spread set up so that I could see and plan out everything that I had to do and this ended up being really helpful to me, so I brought this over into 2017. I left one side to plan my week and the other side to plan my meals. I’m also trying to pick back up some of the Chinese that I learned years ago, so that’s what the squares are on the bottom of the meal planner. I pick a word that I want to learn for that week and every day I practice a little. Hopefully I’ll pick up some new words and phrases before the end of the year!capture_2017-01-08-15-00-28.png.png

After that I start my daily pages. I usually have a to do list for the day, some times I doodle in it, sometimes I journal in it. I’m currently following the Dawn Nicole Designs year of colour challenge, it’s been fun trying to figure all the colours and stuff that I can do.capture_2017-01-08-15-10-35.png.png

Finally, these are the things that I have added for me:

The first thing is a resolutions page of sorts. I haven’t really figured out what else I want to accomplish this year. I know I want to learn or re-learn some Chinese and my horoscope said that I should really focus on my mental health this year and to learn to meditate. Other things that I think will go up is to save an x amount of money each month. I just need to sit down and sort that out. And probably to try to read and art more and tv less.capture_2017-01-08-15-05-06.png.png

Another thing I have added for myself is a vacation tracker cause otherwise I am not going to remember what I have taken and what I have left! Though even though I have a tracker, I always end up with extra vacation days – not that I’m complaining 🙂capture_2017-01-08-15-17-40.png.png

Kensi is a butthead and I’m having issues getting her to eat over the last year or so. The vet doesn’t really believe me, so I’ve been tracking her daily meals so that I can bring it with me for her yearly check up coming soon. I also have a tracker for her weight which isn’t shown here. I mean, she’s fine and is playful and everything, but no matter what type of food I have tried on her (and I have tried what feels like every brand of food – I also have a tracker for that!), she eats a few bites here and there and then leaves it. So I thought that I would keep track of that for them to see what I’ve been doing.capture_2017-01-08-15-06-42.png.png

And the final thing I’ve added is a tv schedule since I have so many shows I am following and I don’t remember when most of them are! capture_2017-01-08-15-18-49.png.png

So that’s my bullet journal for this year! I’m sure it’ll continue to change and evolve as I move into my second year of journaling. If you’ve stayed with me til the end, thank you 🙂 If you bullet journal too, let me know in the comments; I love checking out how other people have set up their journals!