QOTD – 01.17.17



Bullet Journal for 2017

I’m going to warn you right now that this is text and picture heavy…

A year ago I started bullet journaling and I really enjoyed it. I don’t think that I was more productive, but I definitely was more organized. I also loved the freedom to create in it and to use it as a diary. I have kept a diary since I was really little. I have books and books of unfinished diaries and basically anytime something disastrous happened in my life, from actual disasters like when my dad passed away from cancer or I got my heart broken to not actually disasters but it was to me like when Nick Carter got his first girlfriend (shut up, I was like 15 years and it was a big deal because he was the love of my life!!!) I would need to end it and then start a new diary. I’m pretty sure this was the only year that I finished it all the way through!

Anyway. In the year that I have been bullet journaling, I have changed a few things from my original setup. Including…capture_2017-01-12-21-31-31.png.png…my brand new Leuchtturm1917 lime green journal! I thought I would switch it up and try out the Leuchtturm1917 this year. I love this a lot because the pages came pre-numbered and index pages already set up and most of all I LOVE THE COLOUR!! Though in terms of paper, it’s not really that different from the Moleskin – there’s still some bleed through.


The first thing I did at the back of my journal was set up my monthly pages from January to July. Because I do shift work where every two weeks I work am shift and then the next two weeks I work pm shifts, I like to and need to know when I’m working so that I can make plans. This is one of my most useful things in my bujo. Last year I did a full year but I ran out of space and had to re-do the last half of my monthly pages. This year I did only half the month. I really liked the morning/afternoon/evening/tasks and goals columns, so that I’ve kept the exact same. I still needed to know what shift I’m working for the rest of the year and to be able to plan for the future, so I added two things: a quick calendar for August to September and also a Future Dates log.

The last month, I started doing a weekly 2 page spread set up so that I could see and plan out everything that I had to do and this ended up being really helpful to me, so I brought this over into 2017. I left one side to plan my week and the other side to plan my meals. I’m also trying to pick back up some of the Chinese that I learned years ago, so that’s what the squares are on the bottom of the meal planner. I pick a word that I want to learn for that week and every day I practice a little. Hopefully I’ll pick up some new words and phrases before the end of the year!capture_2017-01-08-15-00-28.png.png

After that I start my daily pages. I usually have a to do list for the day, some times I doodle in it, sometimes I journal in it. I’m currently following the Dawn Nicole Designs year of colour challenge, it’s been fun trying to figure all the colours and stuff that I can do.capture_2017-01-08-15-10-35.png.png

Finally, these are the things that I have added for me:

The first thing is a resolutions page of sorts. I haven’t really figured out what else I want to accomplish this year. I know I want to learn or re-learn some Chinese and my horoscope said that I should really focus on my mental health this year and to learn to meditate. Other things that I think will go up is to save an x amount of money each month. I just need to sit down and sort that out. And probably to try to read and art more and tv less.capture_2017-01-08-15-05-06.png.png

Another thing I have added for myself is a vacation tracker cause otherwise I am not going to remember what I have taken and what I have left! Though even though I have a tracker, I always end up with extra vacation days – not that I’m complaining 🙂capture_2017-01-08-15-17-40.png.png

Kensi is a butthead and I’m having issues getting her to eat over the last year or so. The vet doesn’t really believe me, so I’ve been tracking her daily meals so that I can bring it with me for her yearly check up coming soon. I also have a tracker for her weight which isn’t shown here. I mean, she’s fine and is playful and everything, but no matter what type of food I have tried on her (and I have tried what feels like every brand of food – I also have a tracker for that!), she eats a few bites here and there and then leaves it. So I thought that I would keep track of that for them to see what I’ve been doing.capture_2017-01-08-15-06-42.png.png

And the final thing I’ve added is a tv schedule since I have so many shows I am following and I don’t remember when most of them are! capture_2017-01-08-15-18-49.png.png

So that’s my bullet journal for this year! I’m sure it’ll continue to change and evolve as I move into my second year of journaling. If you’ve stayed with me til the end, thank you 🙂 If you bullet journal too, let me know in the comments; I love checking out how other people have set up their journals!

A New Year Update

Without realizing it, it’s been just over a month since I last blogged. Christmas was an insane season for me this year because I was stupid and decided to make everyone’s Christmas present and that took up all my time when I realized that I wouldn’t have enough time to finish everything I had planned to do.
I made everything from a rainbow rice construction site to edible playdough and edible paint sets and even an adult sized sleep sack for my bff. I had to learn how to use a sewing machine super fast. I’ve used one before in high school, but that was many many years ago. I also made cookies for the staff at work.

So it was pretty hectic. I have learned my lesson though and while I really had a lot of fun stressfully putting everything together, I will never ever EVER be doing that again! But the presents were a hit and it all worked out in the end, even if I was up until midnight on Christmas eve putting the finishing touches to all my projects. 
I am all rested up now, I got in some reading time AND one of my favourite authors, Shanna Swendson, finally released the next book in the Enchanted Inc series so I cannot wait to get into that. I think the last book came out three or four years ago. Plus my bff got me a subscription to Sketchbox so I’ve been playing with my art stuff. So I’m excited for all the fun stuff and book reviews I have to share (I’ll try not to procrastinate too much!)

Anyway, I hope that everyone had a wonderful break over the holidays and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store 🙂