A New Year Update

Without realizing it, it’s been just over a month since I last blogged. Christmas was an insane season for me this year because I was stupid and decided to make everyone’s Christmas present and that took up all my time when I realized that I wouldn’t have enough time to finish everything I had planned to do.
I made everything from a rainbow rice construction site to edible playdough and edible paint sets and even an adult sized sleep sack for my bff. I had to learn how to use a sewing machine super fast. I’ve used one before in high school, but that was many many years ago. I also made cookies for the staff at work.

So it was pretty hectic. I have learned my lesson though and while I really had a lot of fun stressfully putting everything together, I will never ever EVER be doing that again! But the presents were a hit and it all worked out in the end, even if I was up until midnight on Christmas eve putting the finishing touches to all my projects. 
I am all rested up now, I got in some reading time AND one of my favourite authors, Shanna Swendson, finally released the next book in the Enchanted Inc series so I cannot wait to get into that. I think the last book came out three or four years ago. Plus my bff got me a subscription to Sketchbox so I’ve been playing with my art stuff. So I’m excited for all the fun stuff and book reviews I have to share (I’ll try not to procrastinate too much!)

Anyway, I hope that everyone had a wonderful break over the holidays and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store 🙂


Farmer’s Market

Over the weekend, I went to my first farmer’s market with the bff. I’ve never had the opportunity to go before now since I didn’t live anywhere near places that did them. Now that the season is almost over, the bff has discovered a few that are within 10 minutes from us.

capture_2016-10-08-13-06-23.png.pngI didn’t go totally nuts – I ended up with a basket of strawberries, some mixed tomato grapes, honey crisp apples, carrots, red shepherd peppers, some plums, and my favourite finds: the mushrooms. I picked up some shiitake mushrooms and trying out a new type of mushroom, the lion’s mane.  I loved all the beautiful and vibrant colours of the fruits and the vegetables on display and all the vendors we visited were so friendly. Plus, there were so many different varieties that I have never heard of – like the lion’s mane mushroom. I’ve done some research on them and they are supposed to be really good for you in terms of helping with memory and pushing back dementia.

I can’t wait for the next season now that I know I have access to so much organic and fresh fruits and veggies!

Another BSB and Marvel Collaboration?

capture_2016-09-19-13-12-36.png.pngI was reading an article about how BSB and Marvel may be teaming up for another project and I am so excited!

For those who don’t know, Stan Lee and Nick Carter wrote an issue, called The Backstreet Project, way back in the Millennium days. It was about the Boys who were given amulets by an alien that would transform them into super heroes to save the world from an alien attack. The comic book I couldn’t get a hold of until I was much older and had my own money and I could get a copy off of eBay, before that you could only purchase them at their concerts (which I was deemed too young to be allowed to attend) or through their website (which was deemed a waste of money 😦 so yeah…) . But the best thing about this project were the action figures that came with a BK kids meal, which I could get without involving my dad! I dragged my childhood best friend around to BK almost every day for like five weeks just to collect all five of the action figures as well as the For the Fans CD and video. I am so sick of BK, but I got all the action figures and all the special cds and video – so worth it!

Anyway, AJ said in the interview that him and Nick have been talking to Stan Lee about possibly working together again on another project down the road. If that is true, I can’t wait to see what they end up doing together. I just hope that whatever it is, it doesn’t involve Burger King, because I don’t think I could eat another bite.

It seems like there has been a lot of news about the boys lately and the 12 year old fan girl in me is freaking out! I’ll apologize now for all the BSB posts that will be coming your way!


Mini Update

Hope everyone got to enjoy the rest of their summer, even though September started like two weeks ago. Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been on a stay-cation the past three weeks and it has been great! I got so many things done, including setting up my little office space so I can be school ready this coming January and a few things for my own well being.

Unfortunately, this has meant that coming back to work has been super hard and I spent most of yesterday dreading today!! Hopefully this week will go by well and I can carry all the refreshed energy I had from last three weeks into this new week! Hope you have an excellent week as well!


Dream Journal

I don’t think that I have ever written about my obsession with dreams. From a young age, I have obsessed over the meaning of dreams, I had a few books from before the internet was a thing in which I would look up dream meanings and I even did a course on dreams in high school. It started when I began to realize that I would dream of something and then days, weeks, months, or sometimes years later, I’ll have this deja vu feeling and I’ll know that I have dreamt of this exact moment. I’m not quite as obsessive as I used to be, but every once in a while, I get such an interesting dream, I have to write it down, research the hell out of it to see if there is some deeper meaning.

The Dream:
Last night I had the best weirdest dream that Tony Stark (the Robert Downey Jr. version) was trying to kill me and he had thrown poisonous gas at me. I was staggering around, dying, until President Obama found me and went all bad ass hero and threw me into the passenger seat of his car and then cutting in and out of traffic, raced me to the White House where he had a team of doctors ready to save me.

The Meaning:
There seems to be a lot of meaning for poison out there in the dream world, but a lot of them seem to go back to the fact that if you are dreaming of poison, it means that you are in a poisonous relationship or in a poisonous atmosphere and should pay attention to the person who is poisoning you and/or the environment that you are in. It could also mean that some painful influence is going to immediately reach you.

To dream that someone is killing you is supposed to be an indication that you are perceiving a threat, or there is stress or a struggle that you are going through in your life. Or it could be an indication that you are feeling hurt or betrayed by the person who is killing you.
Furthermore, to see the killer in your dreams suggests a part of your emotions that has been cut off. The killer could be a manifestation of the things that you hate about yourself. Or they could be someone or something that is making you feel threatened. It is suggested that you examine the real life people and situations that most resembles the characteristics of your killer.

I also wanted to know if seeing a celebrity in your dreams had any meaning. Most of my research has indicated that the celebrity is a symbol of the characteristics or accomplishment or lack there of that we have attributed to that individual celebrity. Having dreams of people are harder to define as each dreamer perceives the same person differently, so this is very dependent on how you feel, or think about the celebrity.
Funny enough, I found one site that explained that if you dream about President Obama, it is a symbol that one wants to live a more honourable and highly respected life, that their life is going to be influenced by a great amount of change. To dream of a president in general is an indication that the dreamer needs to be more assertive or  diplomatic in their endeavour with others, especially in a professional grouping.

Finally, to dream of being saved means you need to look at areas of your life that requires saving. If in your dreams you are saved, this is a good omen that you will get the help you need, as long as you ask for it. Sometimes dreaming of being saved could also mean that there are areas in your life that you are ignoring.
There was also a little about someone who comes to save you who is supposed to, and this represents an expectation and perhaps your expectations are too high and you should consider if you’re asking too much of that person.
Another website said that to dream of being saved means that the person who saved you really cares about you. I highly doubt President Obama cares about me as an individual considering the fact that he doesn’t know me! But that was funny to read. But it also said that dreaming of being saved could mean that you may require immediate attention to your health or that you are under a lot stress because of someone or something and that your dream is a wish to resolve these issues.

If I take all of these things into consideration, it does make a little bit of sense based on what I am going through right now in my waking life. Anyway, sorry for the long post, but if you’ve made it to the end, I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

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Happy Monday world!

The bff came over Saturday afternoon and we went swimming with her son. After that we had a little birthday celebration for her husband; there was cake and doughnuts and some mac and cheese from Bunner’s – an all vegan and gluten free bakery. Everything that I have had there has been super yummy, from the cakes and brownies to the sweet and savoury pies! If you’re in the Toronto area, check it out!
Then we headed over to the Waterfront Festival and spent the rest of the day enjoying the entertainment, the various farmer’s market booths. The bff’s son particularly enjoyed watching the ducks and geese dunking under water and sticking their bums in the air.
Sunday was a fun reading day. Finished the new Harry Potter, so I’ll have a thing on that later this week!

Anyway, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well!

the Weekend

Hello everyone!

So this was a fun weekend for me, aside from the fact that I had to work on Sunday afternoon.
Saturday I met with my new tattoo artist to go over a new idea that I have. I say new, but I have wanted this for so long and I just finished refining it. It’s going to be a Frida Kahlo tattoo and after that meeting, I am only more excited to get this done!
Then Sunday morning, my bff and her family came over and I finally made use of my condo pool. I haven’t gone swimming in so long and was completely out of breath after one length of the pool. And now I am all soreness. But I loved it, I miss swimming. We’re going to try to do this regularly now, so hopefully I’ll get stronger and stronger.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!