Supernatural Thursdays


Since the new season of Supernatural has started, i have been unable to watch it live because of work and other obligations. I finally got to watch it live and it was so exciting! I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of this Lucifer story, I don’t know if it’s because it’s not Mark Pellegrino and though watching Rowena being all badass and Cas and Crowley teaming up is fun to watch. The story line I’m most excited about is in Mary, Dean, and Sam anyway. Here are my thoughts and sorry, there are spoilers:

  • First scene and we’re introduced to super creepo baby and I am not ok with that! Damn you supernatural – but I loved that this is like season 1 where they were fighting off things from folklore and urban legends.
  • Mary reading John’s journal makes me sad
  • Cas: “Mary…you DO belong here” I love his sincerity with her
  • I love the little Dean moments with his mom, his awe with her that she loves bacon, even if it’s cold bacon, “Wow, we are so related!” and about Mary cutting her hair so that the bad guys can’t pull her hair during a hunt. “Wow, been trying to tell Sam that for years.”
  • Sam reduced to the back seat
  • Agent Beyonce, that was possibly one of the greatest Cas moments
  • you knew Rowena was up to trickery, and I love that she is so not helpless, sending Lucifer to the bottom of the ocean!!
  • add this to just another time that their love for Dean prevailed through the evil thing possessing them and saved Dean from a horrible death.
  • Dean backing away from Mary was heartbreaking, then his face as he hears her leaving. Plus the look on Mary’s face as she talks about the loss of her husband and her baby and little boy. Just shatter my heart into a million pieces why don’t you, Supernatural. They did such a good job of setting that up in the first few episodes, like yay, my mommy’s back only to take her away. I can’t wait to see Mary again and see where this goes.



Supernatural Season 12 Premiere


You know, years ago, when my shows were my entire life, I would schedule my work and social schedule around my tv schedule. Now it’s not really something I can do and two (very long) days later I’m finally getting to catch up with the premiere of Supernatural.

The major story line this season is that Mary Winchester is back and there have been a lot of spoilers and little facts online and I have done everything to not let myself get spoiled. I get really weird about trailers and spoilers for tv shows or movies I get really excited about. Like I do not want to see any trailers, I don’t want to know anything about it to spoil any part of that first reaction, first experience. So I have been super excited to see what having Dean and Sam’s mom back is going to work into this season. I really hope that Mary stays longer than just the one season.

So here are my thoughts about this week’s season premiere (spoilers ahead!):

  • Mary is already kicking ass and we’re not even a minute in. This makes me happy because one of my favourite things that Supernatural did was introducing the fact that Mary was a hunter. We’ve ever only seen young Mary as a hunter, so I am so excited to see mom Mary kicking some ass.
  • Mary to Dean: “My Dean is four years old” Dean: “I was…when you died.” I can’t even imagine what must have been going through her head.
  • Dean’s face while being hugged by his mom after 33 years, is so freaking sad and also beautiful. There aren’t many times when I’m watching my favourite shows that I think about the fact that these are actors playing their characters because they’re just some damn good. But that look on Dean’s face and knowing that it’s Jensen Ackles acting, made everything so much more amazing
  • that little quiet moment between Mary and Dean, knowing 11 years of how much Dean loves his mom, is so beautiful.
  • I guess if you saw a giant ball of fire crash land in front of you and it turned out to be a human being, and then when they ask you “where am I?”, I think most of us would have answered “earth” too.
  • Pretty rude of Cas to knock the guy out in the middle of no where and steal his car.
  • Dean and Mary discussing everything that has happened – John being a hunter, raising Sam and Dean to be hunters, sacrifcing himself for Dean. It is so heartbreaking.
  • I love this relationship between Dean and Mary, but I am really excited about seeing what the relationship between Mary and Sam is going to be like.
  • Poor Sammy, shot and bound and stuck in the back of a trunk – they better resolve this soon, because I am rooting for Sam to break free and kicking some ass
  • Sam: “I’ve been tortured by the devil himself. So you, you’re just an accent in a pantsuit.” Sassy Sam. I love it.
  • I was totally waiting for acid or something to start burning Sam, and I guess it’s laughable that the worst torture they have for Sam is cold water. Though I would have broken in a second.
  • So many things about this scene: 1. Mary and technology and her seeing a laptop for the first time and being all “Is that a computer?!”. 2. that we get to learn that Cas doesn’t trust computers. 3. when did Dean learn to use a computer??
  • Mary’s relationship with baby
  • Oh and Dean realizing what that relationship was. Awkward….
  • Ok, I hope that it’s Mary that kills this girl for taking a torch to her boy. I want to see the mama bear in Mary Winchester come out
  • Cas is the hot head, Dean is the one having to pull him back.
  • Mary to Cas: “Hurt him.” Getting to see a little of that mama bear ❤
  • Poor Sammy, he’s already had Lucifer screwing with his mind and now the Britain Men of Letters are doing it to him. Though I bet with everything that Sam has been through, this like everything else will be nothing to him
  • The fact that they know that Dean being alive is a problem and that they are in shiiiiiiit.
  • I love angry Dean when someone is hurting his little brother. That he broke the phone in two from that anger, you know it is going to be good when Dean runs in to save Sammy
  • Mary saving Dean is possibly my most favourite thing in the world.
  • Sam playing that woman even when they have incapacitated him, that is my Sammy ❤
  • Dean telling his mom that he believes that what him and Sammy do is helping the world, making it a better place is one of my favourite things
  • that ending with Crowley trying to solve this whole Lucifer/dead people trail thing, Dean not knowing how to comfort his mom, Sam still stuck in the room…I’m cannot wait to see what happens next season

If you couldn’t tell, I loved this episode. Except for Sam being tortured, I don’t think there is anything about this episode that I didn’t love. I enjoyed so much watching the relationships between Mary and Dean and Mary and Baby (!!) and seeing Mary navigate this world. I am really excited to see how this season plays out with having Mary back and the relationships that will be formed between her and her sons and what she is going to think about the choices that they will make or have made – like what is she going to think about that fact that they have on several occasions worked along side the King of Hell. I’m also excited to see what happens with the Lucifer vs Crowley showdown and how the British Men of Letters will figure into the story line and if they’re going to be part of the good guys or if they’re going to be the bad guys.
I think this was such a great first episode and I cannot wait to see what happens next in the Supernatural story.

Let the TV Season Begin…

It’s the start of the new tv season, and of course the week it starts, I’m working night shifts so that I am missing out. But thankfully for DVR, I am not totally missing out. Tuesday night is a busy night for tv this season. I have at least eight shows going on on Tuesday nights. So let’s start of with NCIS. Below are my thoughts on last night’s season premiere and I hope you enjoy. Spoilers ahead!


  • First look at Valderrama, excited to see how his story turns out
  • Starting the season off with a bang
  • Nooooo!! They finally took off my fave McGee moment in the opening 😦 the part where he’s pretending he’s using the rocket pack in the elevator. Boo
  • Fornell wearing Gibbs’ robe! I love these two together, like grumpy old men.
  • Fornell reading Cosmo heehee
  • Mcgee: “You fell asleep at work. Twice.” Why gibbs fired the new probie who lasted four days, this one
  • I already miss DiNozzo and his quips, we’re only five minutes in
  • I still miss Espisoto in Blue Bloods, even though I love Diaz and Danny, she’s not Jackie. So I’m really glad she’s back now on NCIS
  • Quinn to Gibbs: “You never make things easy do you?”
  • I love Quinn already, messing with Bishop because she thinks that Bishop needs to chill out a little, taking over for McGee when he wouldn’t just get on with it, betting on if Torres was gonna get slugged by Elena
  • I’m so glad Vance is in the premiere, hopefully we’ll get to see a lot of him this season
  • Quinn to Bishop: “Every action we take has consequence.”
  • Fornell’s surprise that Gibbs has a doorbell – and one that works
  • Gibbs enjoying himself with Torres and the fact that there is a bomb under his seat. I enjoy that Gibbs already seem like he’s a lighter, happier person. I hope they continue on with this throughout the season
  • So dramatic Torres – handing in his badge because Vance said no to you.
  • Gibbs to Torres: “You want the last two years to mean something? Then you see this through. The right way.”
  • So we started with a bang and ended with a bang. I like it when there are big car explosions. Those are always fun!
  • Bishop to McGee, who is still uncomfortable with taking Tony’s old desk: “If anyone is going to sit there, Tony would want it to be you.”
  • Quinn to Gibbs, understanding what type of agent he was looking for: “It was about finding an agent that needed your team.”

I really enjoyed this first episode. It seemed like Gibbs was a lot lighter in this season, or this episode anyway. I also liked that this was a good way of introducing the new Agents on Gibbs’ new team. I also liked that they were easing the fans of the show, and of DiNozzo in general, into a new season without him anymore by having McGee be reluctant to take DiNozzo’s old desk. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this season 🙂


Supernatural Wednesdays

supernaturalIt’s the Supernatural finale and you know that there are going to be so much tears because it’s Supernatural and God is dying, there’s no way that this can end well. So here are my thoughts on last night’s episode, spoilers ahead!

  • Carry on my Wayward Son…the road so far…I don’t know if I can handle this.
  • Cas is back!! I hope that this means we get Mark Pelligrino back too.
  • Cas: “I didn’t know dogs had breakfast.” Yup, Cas is definitely back 🙂
  • God still has a few tricks up his sleeve.
  • “What do we do now?” Dean: *goes for the beer*
  • Dean: “Look man, if you’ve got something for me to punch, shoot, or kill, let me know and I’ll do it. I’ll do it til i die. But how are we supposed to fix the freaking sun?”
  • WHO IS THIS LADY AND WHY ARE SAM AND DEAN WANTED?? And haven’t we already seen this a million times? It never goes well for the people who want to capture or kill Sam and Dean. Never.
  • Rowena making tea for God is my most favourite thing.
  • God: “Now’s kind of all we got.”
  • Crowley: “I’m so glad the world is ending.” I love Crowley so much.
  • Dean to Cas: “but you’re always there, you know. You’re the best friend we’ve ever had. You’re our brother Cas, I just want you to know that.” ❤
  • Dean re: needing souls: “Just ‘God’ em up.”
  • Cas coming through with the plan when God, Rowena, and Crowley’s got nothing
  • Sam is so proud that they have a working plan. It’s so cute
  • Hahahahahaha Dean imitating Rowena was brilliant and hilarious. We need more of that next season please!
  • Dean: “Get your Casper asses out here.” he has such a way with words.
  • Billie the reaper is here…what is she doing to do? Don’t let the boys die!!!
  • “You know family. Even when you hate them, you still love them.”…is this old lady going to get to Amara and save the world???
  • Rowena: “You won’t carry the bomb. You’ll be the bomb.” omg Deannnnnnnnnn 😦 the waterworks have officially started. Damn you SPN writers. These brothers are willing to sacrifice everything to save the world and it is heartbreaking.
  • this entire scene in the cemetary is so beautiful; the falling petals in the background, Sam kissing their mother’s grave, Dean making sure Cas is going to take care of Sam. I can’t handle how sad this scene and how beautiful it is.
  • no Chick Flick moments 😦
  • Amara: “When God’s gone, the universe, everything will cease to exist.” well there’s a twist. BUT obviously that means that God can’t die which means that we can still see Chuck and Amara back on SPN at some point in the future!
  • Dean to Amara: “And you might be an all powerful being, but you’re human where it counts.”
  • I love how incredibly expressive Jared and Jensen’s eyes are
  • God: “Earth will be fine, it’s got you. And Sam.”
  • Pshhhh they couldn’t have sent Dean back to Sam??
  • Ahhhhhhhh omg Sam doesn’t know that Dean’s alive, he thinks his brother is dead, this is too sad!! She sent Cas away…
  • She shot Sam????!!!!! Who is she and how dare she??
  • Omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg Amara brought their mom back!! but Sam!!! I am dying here!!

As far as season finales go, this was not as bad as I thought it would be, God and Amara are both ok, Cas is back, though kinda sad that Mark Pellegrino was not part of this episode. And while the brothers are separated and Sam doesn’t know that Dean is alive and he may or may not have been shot, no one is actually mortally wounded or turned into a demon, so I am going to go with we’re ok. Plus, Mary Winchester is back!! For how long and what her story line is going to be, we don’t know but next season will be exciting.
I love how the SPN writers have been able to take the story of God and made it their own and still be believable. This season was possibly one of my favourites and they ended it perfectly. I can’t wait to see what they’re planning for us next season!

NCIS and AoS Finale Tuesdays

It’s the season finale for NCIS and AoS. You know that there are going to be lots of tears because Michael Weatherly saying good bye to everyone and Joss Whedon has been breaking my heart for years. All I can say is that it better not be Coulson.

Tearful spoilers ahead.

ncis-bannerSo. The season is ending with a sad goodbye. Michael Weatherly who has played Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo for 13 years since the very beginning is saying goodbye. Below are my thoughts on last night’s finale.

  • Ziva’s necklace ❤
  • everyone already knows that DiNozzo has to go to her; didn’t even need Gibbs to tell him, McGee’s already booked the plane. I am already teary eyed
  • DiNozzo Sr is going to be on it! Yay!
  • ohhh so is Troi! Normally I don’t pay attention to the names, but I’m waiting to see if Cote de Pablo’s name pop up on there. Or if they are planning on surprising us, maybe her name won’t be there.
  • Gibbs’s overly exaggerated whispering and motioning to Emily re: Dr. Confalone: “You can trust her, I do.”
  • omggggg Ziva is dead???????????? NO. That is not ok. NO!!!!
  • DiNozzo Sr: “You’re a rock, son.”
  • She can’t dieeee. There better be some twist. They are not allowed to bring her back by name only to kill her off. They can’t!!
  • Ducky: “Life rarely ends the way we imagined.”
  • Gibbs always with the tough love. Not letting DiNozzo work the case because he’s too close to it. And I still can’t believe that they did this. I am so upset.
  • McGee: “Fornell. For Ziva. We’ll get it done.”
  • Wait wtf???!!! A daughter? No.
  • Ducky: “First Ziva. And now a child.”
  • Ducky: “We cannot lose sight of Anthony and the enormity of what he is going through. Family first, Jethro.”
  • HAHAHA Dr. Confalone bringing out a feeling wheel on Gibbs, that’s good
  • I hate this story line, but I love this little girl. I can’t deal with this story line of Ziva being dead. After all this time and then the teasing only to kill her off? No. Not ok.
  • Ahhhh Palmer helping Tony with little Talia, feeding her, child-proofing his condo.
  • Fornell’s pedicure is so great
  • DiNozzo: “We had a connection and obviously a very fond farewell…I loved her, Tim.” please let Ziva be alive somehow
  • Tony passing on the star of David to their daughter. Crying.
  • Kort re: killing Ziva: “It was nothing personal, strictly business.” McGee: “It is personal. It’s Ziva.” DiNozzo: “She was my family.”
  • DiNozzo to Gibbs: “I’ve never been anybody’s everything before.”
  • One final Gibbs head slap
  • Abby: “I know how much Ziva really loved you and I need to know that you know that too.” DiNozzo: “I do. I think.” Abby: “Don’t think. Know. I know. She told me.”
  • Abby: “I’m really going to miss you Anothy DiNozzo.” DiNozzo: “Not as much as I’m going to miss you Abby Sciuto.” So much ugly crying.
  • DiNozzo: “Very Special Agent Timothy McGee” he’s passing on the very special to Mcgee. No more Mc-whatever jokes 😦

I did enjoy that Michael Weatherly posted these after the airing:

But I did not like this episode at all, despite all the tears. There were great moments between Gibbs and Fornell but I am still so upset that they would tease the whole Ziva thing only to kill her off and then replace it with a daughter. Honestly? No. Even if Cote de Pablo could not come back for the show, that’s fine, have Tony find a secret message or clue or something that she was still alive and reunite or something. The Tiva shipper in me is so mad that this is how they ended the story line for Tony and for Ziva.

aos faI’m already in tears because of NCIS and now there’s going to be two more hours of it on AoS. I’m secretly hoping that it’s going to be Lincoln, but only because I am so emotionally attached to everyone else (I’m sorry, Lincoln). So far, Mack has the cross. I’m assuming that this will get passed around throughout the two hours to cause as much anxiety with the fans as possible. So here are my thoughts on last night’s AoS finale:

  • May re: Ward “Every time I see his face I want to punch something.” hahaha May
  • Rodriguez: “You work and then you stare and then you work and stare some more.” Mack: “Hurtful.” I love these two so much.
  • Rodriguez: “This isn’t a lucky rabbit’s foot. It’s a symbol of faith. Who would return such a gift?” I love her more and more. I hope they keep her around
  • Radcliffe: “Ronald and …Ronald 2.”
  • Ohhhh SHIELD is a smartypants…I love that they brought out the memory thing on Hive!! I also love that we get a look back to when we thought Ward was a good guy
  • I love watching the May fight scenes
  • Did they just pull a yellow crayon on Mack and Daisy?? Not cool. But effective
  • Mack to Daisy re: Hive being the devil: “You know the other thing the devil is capable of? Filling a person with so much doubt and so many dark thoughts that it consumes them. But it’s up to that individual to make a choice either let the darkness fester and grow or let the light inside shine through and vanquish the darkness”
  • No no no no….May and Fitz and Daisy are all up there and Fitz has the necklace right now…
  • Radcliffe to the others: “It not a hunch. It’s science. [quietly to self]: It’s a science hunch.”
  • That was pretty cool with the invisible gun…before the invisible made itself known, I have to say I was so confused at how Fitz suddenly had super powers :/ I don’t know why it still surprises me when SHIELD has fun cool gadgets
  • HAHAHAHAHAHA “Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi.” I ❤ Coulson so much
  • Daisy: “he’s paying for my mistake.” Coulson:”No, he’s paying for all our mistakes.”

This episode was so amazing. There were so many twists and anxiety filled moments and mortal danger at each turn and who is going to be the fallen agent?? And you keep thinking it’ll be one person and then the necklace gets passed on like a game of hot potato. Clever writers.
At first I was not a fan of the whole ending sequence, it felt too much like Captain America: The First Avenger. But Daisy begging Coulson to bring Lincoln back, to find a way, any way was heart breaking. Plus the nice quiet moment between Hive and Lincoln as they knew what their destiny was going to be. I’m kind of sad that it was Lincoln, but I’m more glad it wasn’t one of the other guys. I’m also sad that this is the last we’ll see if Grant Ward, but they’ve dragged out his character long enough.
I’m excited to see what happens next in this story since Daisy seems to have gone to the dark side and Radcliffe has something in the works. And has Coulson been demoted from Director back to field agent??? WHAT?? And who is the new director? We will have to see next season.

Did anyone else watch either episodes? What did you guys think? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Supernatural Wednesday



We’re nearing the end of the season, Chuck is back and has now shown himself to the Winchester as God himself, a new prophet was revealed, crazy plan to rescue Cassifer accomplished; this episode was so great. A
The best part of it were all the god “stuff”; the jokes, the comments, and most all, the very different reactions from Dean and Sam. They did such an amazing job of touching on both sides of what I think we would all feel in the presence of God, or I would at least, both the awe and the anger.
So here are my thoughts on last night’s episode:

  • KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It’s 1 min in, and I am already in happy tears
  • “Holy crap,” is right, Dean. Did Chuck just make Kevin an angel??! About time!
  • Sam babbling in the presence of God. I love it.
  • Dean saying what we all feel…plagues and slaughters, and you were writing books, going to fan conventions, were you aware? People pray to you, they fight wars in your name and you did nothing.
  • Chuck: “I saw that I needed to step away and let my baby find it’s way.”
  • Chuck: “I know you had a difficult upbringing Dean, but don’t confuse me with your dad.” god can be so harsh.
  • Chuck: “I always had faith in you…even if you didn’t return the favour.”
  • “Thus spake the lord” hahahaha Chuck
  • Dean: “where’s Chuck?” Sam: “I don’t know. Sleeping in, I guess?” Dean: “Does God sleep?”
  • Sam to Dean: “You told God to cool it?” of course Dean would.
  • Sam: “It’s God, there’s so many things I want to ask him. Like, uh, the planets, why are they round? Or ears, I always thought they were strange.” Dean: “Ok, fanboy, calm down.” All the benign questions I would have too
  • Chuck wearing Dean’s robe.
  • Ha, God eating bacon is what interests? impresses? Dean
  • the writers must have so much fun coming up with the names for the  incoming calls. “scribe calling”
  • Donatello: “Call me Donatello, I’m named after him.” Dean: “The mutant ninja turtle?” hahaha the look that Sam and Donatello gives him is priceless.
  • Dean’s faces are too much for me
  • Donatello: “It’s like asking me to believe in Santa Claus.” Dean: “…” Sam: “Dean, not now.”
  • God is watching curling, eating Chinese take out noodles, and commenting on the amount of porn on Dean’s laptop. Priceless.
  • Dean to Chuck: “Dial back the god stuff.”
  • Donatello calling Chuck ‘your celestial magnificence’ hahaha
  • Metatron: “It’s not an autobiography, it’s a suicide note.”
  • Chuck to Dean: “If my plan doesn’t work than humans will have to step up. You, Sam, others that are the chosen will have to find a way. It’s why I saved you years ago. You’re the fireball between light and darkness.”
  • Donatello: “Wow, I so miss being an atheist.”
  • Dean is not going to be happy at all with the treatment of Baby, thunked right into the bunker (even if it was god “answering a prayer”)
  • Chuck flipping the switch “on” to fix Cassifer

Amazing episode, and I cannot wait for next week’s episode. Is Chuck seriously rallying all the angels and demons together to take on the Darkness? I just hope that if this is the finale, that they don’t let any more of my people die and they don’t leave it as a cliffhanger…I may be optimistic, considering what show this is, but I would like it to end on a happy ending this season!!

NCIS and AoS Tuesdays

ncis-bannerI think there are two episodes of NCIS left, including this one and you know that it’s going to be pretty good season finale considering that Tony DiNozzo is leaving in just two episodes. No idea if there are spoilers out there, but I have been avoiding all my usual tv sources because I do not want to know at all.
So below are thoughts that I had while watching the second last episode of NCIS, with spoilers.

  • Ok, I love Gibbs just running into the restricted area of the hospital. His friend has been shot and has zero cares about your rules and protocols
  • Fornell’s daughter is just like her parents: “Tell this agent to let me in before I scratch his eyes out.” Actually more like her mom, I guess.
  • I love that as angry as Gibbs is at the person who shot Fornell, telling his team that they are going to kill the guy who shot him, he’s telling Fornell’s daughter the exact opposite, that hurting the person who shot her dad is not going to help him. Role model.
  • I love that Gibbs joined Abby’s prayer circle that consisted of a skeleton, Bert, and a few other things and only joined because Abby reminded him that it was for Fornell
  • OMGGGGGG ZIVA!!!!! Is she coming back???
  • Kort (re: DiNozzo): You going to call your attack dog off? Gibbs: No *smirks*
  • that little pedicure scene between Emily and Fornell was heartbreaking and beautiful. Fornell better pull through.
  • I think that Bishop is the only one who can get away with pushing Gibbs out of the way like that, and Gibbs probably forgave under the circumstances. Abby too, but Abby would never do that.
  • OMG that twist that it was Kort all along…Ziva’s place in flames. I thought that by the phoof that they did of Tony’s face just before commercial break, that Ziva was going to walk in. I guess not.

This was a pretty great episode, the little twists, the little bits of humour that they throw in. I’d be disappointed if in next week’s finale, they didn’t bring Ziva back and her and Tony don’t ride off into the sunset together. I mean, I wasn’t all “if they don’t end Tony’s story with and Ziva together I’m going to dieee!!!!” but now that they’ve brought in Ziva, even if it’s by name only, it’d be a little disappointing. We will see what happens next week.

aos faAlso the second last episode and I’m just excited to see how they’re going to link Captain America: Civil War to this. It should be an interesting episode, and spoilers ahead.

  • eee Steve Rogers <3, we did not have to wait for long for that to be mentioned.
  • I’m getting all teary eyed with Coulson fangirling over Cap and Peggy Carter <3. I’m also glad they touched upon Peggy’s death on AoS.
  • Coulson is #teamcap all the way ❤
  • Damn, SHIELD has the best secret lairs
  • May: “Time for your feeding”; Lincoln: “Your sense of humour needs work.”
  • Rodriguez: “You need a beer and some faith.” Mack: “You ever wonder if that’s the word we use to…to fool ourselves? To give us false hope.” Rodriguez: “That’s how evil wins. When good people begin to uh…doubt and run the other way instead of stand up and fight. You see it everywhere.”
  • Mack: “Evil preys on the weak because it fears the strong.”
  • Haha these “Watchdogs” are cowards, they kill innocent people and when some of them actually fight back, they cower. But I guess that’s they point that they’re making…
  • Brett Dalton’s acting is unbelievable. The small changes that he makes from SHIELD Ward to Hydra Ward to Hive Ward is just so incredible.
  • Talbot: “How are you so calm anyway?” Coulson: “I’m getting used to this sorta thing.”
  • OMGG…what have they created?? They are terrifying…and Hive is the only one who loves them…
  • Lincoln is an idiot. I want to slap him! How could he do this and hurt Mack when he’s already been hurt at the hands of Daisy??
  • I take it back. They are little smartypants. Plus May and Licoln plotting together is beautiful! Also Coulson distracting Talbot so May and Lincoln can carry out the plan ❤ Coulson runs a tight ship 🙂
  • Talbot: “Why do you think this Lash can defeat Hive?” Lincoln: “Every inhuman is here for a reason and serves a purpose. I belive Lash’s purpose is to kill Hive.”
  • Talbot finally asks what we were all thinking, who came up with all these names?
  • Fitz: “Lash wasn’t here to kill Hive.” Lincoln: “He was here to save Daisy.” Simmons: “That wasn’t Lash.” So much feels…Lash saves Daisy and loses his life in the process, Simmons being able to distinguish between Lash and Dr. Garner. I can’t even right now. Crying!!
  • NO!!!! If Mack dies, I will be so upset!!!! You’ve already taken away Bobbi and Hunter

I’ve read a few reviews from others who were not a fan of this week’s episode,  but I thought that it was a pretty great episode. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next week and to see what the relationships between Daisy and all the other characters will be like considering all the harm she put them through. Also not ready to see who dies…